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And speaking of which, here’s a Senator:

hey Lindsey ol’ pal:  he’s dead, and you don’t have to kiss his ass anymore.

oh, FOF.  (That stands for “Free Our Faces”, not “Fuck Off, Fauci”.  Promise.)

which is their right.  As is our right to… you know the rest.

and pic of the day goes to

of course, no “gender favoritism” there, oh no.

as all Boston-area muggers and rapists cheer.

Africa wins again.

thank gawd it’s to Brit TV and not ours.

and along comes some “expert” to tell us not to do something everyone can adapt to.  Just fuck off.

actually, we don’t believe anything he says, but okay.

aaannnnnd: nobody cares.

Now is the time for link-free INSIGNIFICA:


and indeed she is:

as the countdown to her next Train Smash begins


  1. Dear Lindsey and all the others that are rotting for Putin demise should pray very hard and often for it to happen, because Vlad is not the forgiving type and seems to have a long memory.

  2. Was at the big chain grocery store here in a very PC Boston Suburb yesterday. The percent of mask wearing general public was maybe 10%. Even our local Whole Foods, who still has a ” Masks Required ” sign plastered all over the front door, seems to have dropped the need for the Mask Nazi who used to guard the entrance. Only half the staff and 1/3 of the customers were still wareing them.
    Fauci is rapidly becoming irrelevant and is rapidly losing whatever credibility he once had.

  3. No, it is not Citibank’s right. It is fiduciary breach when the oligarchs use shareholders money to pursue personal political ends. Not that anyone will do anything about it.

  4. “…oh, FOF. (That stands for “Free Our Faces”, not “Fuck Off, Fauci”. Promise.)”

    You have it your way, I’ll have it mine. >:-]

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