Quelle Surprise

I am always amused when women all claim to love a Bad Boy, and then when they get involved with one, are all surprised when he turns out to be, well, actually badSuch as this idiot:

Evan Rachel Wood has described in horrific detail how her ex-boyfriend Marilyn Manson allegedly tied her up, beat her with a Nazi whip, and electrically shock her genitals when she tried to break up with him.

Errrr perhaps this may have been a slight clue that there was something wrong with the boy, young lady:

Just sayin’.  A little commonsense and (dare I say) parental advice heeded may have saved you all the (literal) butt-hurt.


  1. Beat her with a Nazi whip did he?
    That makes it worse! A Nazi whip! Oh! Oh!
    Ah, Nazis, otherwise we’d have to reach back to Marquis De Sade Whips so we’d understand they were extra double plus ungood whippy.
    Except there’s a good chance the author of the article, and the average audience member wouldn’t know who De Sade was.

    Still, she’s lucky he didn’t tie her up with Gestapo rope and shock her with a SchickleShocker(tm pending) electric genital prod.

    But him, look at the clown, what did she think he was allegedly going to do, make her Gordon Ramsey scrambled eggs on country style sourdough bread with a nice cup of Twining’s Irish Breakfast tea and serve it to her on the veranda so they could have a nice breakup conversation?

  2. On the ‘plus’ side, marilyn used military tactics to break her.
    That statement seems unfinished.
    He broke her what? Nail? Ear-lobe?
    Video, or it didn’t happen…

    1. Well, she claims he “literally raped her” during the filming of a music video, so, there’s that.

  3. Wanna bet that that was pretty much how their sex life went *before* the breakup, and now she’s just trying to make him look bad?

  4. I was brought up to treat women respectfully – yes, I’m old now. I have dated women that were victims of abuse at the hands of their exes. I have also been ‘left’ by a few of these same women to return to that abusive relationship with those exes. So, no, I have no pity for any “lady” that is attracted to the bad boys.

    1. The “bad boy” persona is attractive to the female. If they return to an abusive situation, it indicates a problem with self-esteem. They think they deserve to be treated badly. Since you wouldn’t treat them the way they think you should, they return or find a new bad boy. Took me a long time to figure out what and why, as it doesn’t seem logical that a person would prefer to be treated poorly. Was friends with a girl who did this to me, and ended up sharing a place with her. She would cry on my shoulder about her problems with guys, and she ended up inadvertently cluing me in on the psychology of the problem. (we rode the same types of motorcycles. She was 6 ft tall, turned down modelling offers, Cherokee/black mix. I’m 5’6″, we looked like Mutt&Jeff walking down the street, LOL)

      After that, I could walk thru a mall and pick out all the girls that thought like that, just from the way they acted. Depressing how high a percentage fit that mindset here in the USA, sigh…

  5. I’ve looked at Marilyn Manson for some time (don’t ask, reasons). Curious why Ms Wood didn’t just snap his spindly girl arms and leave the house? Therefore I’m pressing “publicity whore bullshit ” button.

    1. “Through deep breaths and painful pauses, she recounted . . .”
      There’s the tell.

  6. I think I know WHAT that is a picture of – a living creature of some
    type – species and genus is up for grabs !
    My question is – exactly WHAT is it trying to BE ?
    There are some things in life for which there is no need and
    should be simply ignored, by everyone.

  7. But, but, she’s so pretty! How can she be attracted to such like? Come on, what part of beautiful child actress grows up to be nuts is a surprise to anyone?

    1. the older I get, the more Actors and Actresses blab, and the less the media covers for them, how can it be a surprise that ANYBODY in film, TV, or Theater is nuts? I met someone in the trades about eight years ago, and his first rule was, “Don’t date the talent.”

  8. What exactly makes it a Nazi whip? Does it adhere to the values of ethnic nationhood and the abolishment of usury, or is the whip just generally anti-Semitic?

  9. I don’t pay attention to the entertainment industry but hasn’t this guy had numerous accusations of poor treatment towards girlfriends and such? Maybe Taylor Swift should date him for a while


  10. I smell sour grapes/lackamoney. Anybody stupid enough to be seen in public, never mind go to bed with an asshole who is so needy he has to look like Manson does, deserves what she gets.
    My sympathy card is tapped out.

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