1. It’s heartwarming to think of these women’s faith that cosmetic science will have advanced to the point of being able to painlessly remove those tats before they sag.

  2. With all that Hollywood money you would think she would at least buy herself an ass. I mean, really. I’ve seen better curves on a 2×4.

  3. Looks like a half finished coloring book.
    Ref Stencil above – agree completely.
    Those permanent ‘pictures’ are going to be sooooo much more
    attractive in about 20 years after they sag and fade and
    in many cases will no longer be even recognizable !

  4. Not a fan of tattoos.
    Maybe I’d have one, IF I’d done something significant to earn one. Like serve in the military, overseas.
    Otherwise it’s just expensive useless vanity. The equivalent of graffiti sprayed on the side of a subway car.
    Maybe it does have value, if like in the case of Marilyn Manson above, you can see it in time to avoid the train wreck.

  5. I’ve never seen any woman who’s looks were improved with a tattoo. (don’t care about the men).

    I never got a tattoo when in the military. It wasn’t a thing in Air Force Officer culture at the time (except perhaps in the SpecOps field), and as an Intel type involved with Recon, I wanted as few identifying marks on my body as possible.

  6. My wife and I have a friend who used to have “tanning” sessions like that. She has had at least a dozen skin cancers cut out, and endured six weeks of radiation therapy on other cancers, and is scheduled for another three excisions in hospital.

    The way they’re headed, tattoos are going to be the least of these girls’ worries.

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