Amateur Hour

Oh gawd, it’s that time when everyone has to wear Teh Green, affect stupid Oirish accents while singing the revolting “Wild Irish Rose”, and drink vast quantities of Guinness.

In other words:  watch out on the roads, because there are going to be a whole lot of amateur drunks out there.

Worse still, because St. Paodrioiaich’s Day falls in a Thursday, the whole nonsense may be carried over till tomorrow night.

Update:  Oy.


  1. I’m second generation Irish and never thought much of the day. Hell, I didn’t even notice until I read this post.

    We never ate corned beef and cabbage growing up, or any other dish that would be considered Irish. My dad would play Clancy Brothers and Irish Rovers music though. But all throughout the year.

    Love the term “Amateur Drunk”. I’ve often used the line “He’s not a drunk. Because I am and he’s never at the meetings”

  2. I AM Irish and we never did any of this American stuff when I was growing up.
    A lot, (not all), of expatriate Irishers might wear a shamrock, for just the one day.
    Don’t even talk to me about green beer!
    It’s all fake crap invented by American Advertising busy cashing in.

  3. Grew up near Boston so St Patrick’s Day/Evacuation Day was a big deal. Green beer is a rubbish marketing con as is dying the Chicago River green. I have no idea why corned beef and cabbage has been linked to the Irish.

    Is Amateur Drunk night New Year’s Eve or St Patrick’s Day?


  4. And next month it’ll be cinco de WhoGivesAFuck. Nothing more than excuses to get hammered.

  5. I’m Scots, but ironically born on St.atrick’s Day. Chicago does throw me a hell of a birthday party, but I haven’t wanted to go downtown and stand in line woth twits to get into an Irish pub in a long time. Once, was enough. And I’d rather have a plate of haggis tatties and neeps than corned beef and cabbage.
    Alba go bragh!

  6. Those of us here at the Old Folks Home will enjoy corned beef and cabbage for dinner tonight, because we LIKE it, and the fixin’s are on sale (living on Social Security and a small pension will do that to you.) Later this evening, in the quiet hours, I will raise a glass of Jaimeson’s to the memories of my parents and siblings who have left us.

    I have never used a date on a calendar as an excuse to drink, and I refuse to join the mobs of amateurs at noisy, over-crowded bars, drinking bad, over-priced booze, and making myself fair game for law enforcers to add me to their DWI quotas.

    1. Murphy,
      Very smart move. NYE we stay home and graze on appetizers. We have surf and turf on New Year’s Day. St Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo are both days to avoid Irish and Mexican themed restaurants. Best off staying home, enjoy a nice drink or three and avoid the local constabulary.


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