1. “As long as you leave the Jews alone this time, then yes.”

    And no invading France! Not that you would. Now that you’ve shut down your own nuclear power plants, you need France to sell you electricity from theirs.

  2. 114 countries now, I think?

    The Krauts didn’t just decide one day to hate “god’s Chosen” for no reason.

    That’s a giant rabbit hole, and once you go down it you can’t unsee things.

    I’m in no way playing advocate for the more evil things that happened, but I’ll gleefully call bullshit on the fabricated or embellished postwar stuff. Remember the 6 gorrillion!

    And I say all that and have no real animosity towards Jews, I’m just done with the blameless victim narrative. Anyone who thinks the friggin Nazis were just especially evil is naive or retarded.

  3. That comment of “Cyclists think they own the road even in a f#&*ing war” brought to my mind the insanity that started in San Francisco in the 1990s where on the last Friday of a month the cyclists would come en masse to take over the roads. The events were named “Critical Mass”, and I see they’re still a “thing” in SF.

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