Gratuitous Gun Pic: Mossberg Patriot (.308 Win)

After yesterday’s custom Mauser 98 at a nosebleed price, here’s something a little more reasonable, and American, chambered for a proper Murkin cartridge (right-click to embiggen):

And the action:

I rather like that spiral-cut bolt, oh yes I do.

I don’t know much about the Patriot line, but given that it’s a Mossberg, it shouldn’t suck too badly.

And the price ($500)… that’s much better.  Add a halfway-decent piece of glass on it (e.g. this one), and the rig should be fit for purpose.

Of course, I personally think the plastic “camo” stock sucks green donkey dicks, but I suppose it’s all part of the cost-cutting, and marketing to all the wannabe “operators” out there.  [sigh]


  1. The MVP line is much more fun.

    Basically the same rifle and action, but can use AR magazines (though anything more than 20 rounds is a bit cumbersome). Available in multiple calibers, too.

    I have an older model MVP Varmint in 5.56, and it’s a good rifle. Bought it slightly used for about $600 a few years back. It’s got that weird semi-plywood stained stock, which gets a lot of comments at the range (until I put in a 20 round mag, and then they forget about the furniture).

    edit: Here’s an example of the Varmint:

    1. Cirby,
      Thanks for posting about the MVP line. Man that looks tempting. They have a 308/7.62 version that takes M1A or AR10 mags. I’d love to get one of those into my stable.


  2. I have one of these in .270 win – with a proper wood stock – very accurate for the price about a 1.5MOA group at 100yds with factory 140gr ammo (federal) – hits 12″ steel target at 800yds and any shorter distances.

  3. Is there a gun finder application or website somewhere ?

    Edit: Found Guns America and Gun broker, any others to find?


  4. Looking for some advice. I’m ex-military (1986 – 1991) and I’ve been relearning how to shoot for the last couple of years. I’ve got a .22 pistol and .22 rifle to train on, but now I’m looking to step up to a higher caliber rifle (30.06? 30.08? 7.62mm?). I’m looking to get a setup with the rifle and scope for under $1,000 new, which doesn’t have crazy expensive ammunition. Thoughts?

    The Mossberg and Leupold scope above seem to satisfy this, but how expensive is the 30.08 ammo vs others? Nowadays, it seems ammo supply is an important consideration.

    Also, does anyone have a good article/video/etc. on the proper way to zero a weapon? I’m having some difficulty and the internet hasn’t been as helpful as I thought.



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