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And on we go:

ah yes, another argument for letting computers run everything.

although they’ve probably kept back enough to be used against their own citizens, the fascist fuckers.

let’s just see what happens if Gummint tries tries to push this shit on us again.

some filthy sexist probably asked why all their rape victims are women.

can’t win, so why bother? [snigger]

should have just called the toilet “undersized” instead.

key word:  California.

oh, just fuck off and peddle your fake panic somewhere else.  We have bigger things to worry about, e.g. this:

oy, here we go again…

And still on that silly topic:  INSIGNIFICA!!!


…as Our Britney gets both a dick stick from her latest boyfriend, and a head of steam [sic]  going for a Train Smash.

Finally, here’s something newsworthy:  ITV newsreader Lucrezia Millarini.

Quite delectable.


  1. …some filthy sexist probably asked why all their rape victims are women.


    I can see three reasons why you would snark on this item:
    1. Woke but not inclusive.
    2. Left out trans-men.
    3. Ignored the males raped in prison, which number out paces all the women being raped.

  2. I was prepared to reach for the eye bleach with the Britney links, thinking, even as I clicked that it probably was a mistake.

    But…meh…trashy, but in a not so bad sort of way.

    Kinda nice tiddies, from what I can see. Wonder if they’re fake. Didn’t see any scars.

    I seen worse.

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