Like many people, I don’t watch Presidential State Of The Union speeches (of either party), because I only have so many TVs in the house and so many bullets to shoot at them.

Seriously, I don’t like hearing from Government, in detail, of how they’re planning to fuck me over the next year.

So I generally read VodkaPundit’s live drunkblog of the whole thing because a. I like Stephen and b. it’s way funnier than what’s actually being said  (e.g. during a George W. SOTU, “I do believe the President’s pants just caught fire”).

However, last night Steve went beyond the pale with this comment:

“Liz Warren just spontaneously orgasmed when Biden said he’d raise taxes.”

Clearly, our esteemed commentator forgot the Iron Rule, i.e. that “Elisabeth Warren” and “orgasm” should never be put in the same sentence.  The mental image is just too ghastly for a civilized man to deal with.


  1. Completely missed it. Last one I watched was trump with smarmy Pelosi in the background. Just about killed the tv then. I am sure with her cackling in glee I would have had to do it in.

    Glad I missed it. Range time tomorrow. Have to see if that releases enough rage.

  2. A good friend of mine is an ophthalmic surgeon. I’ve been on his case for some time now to use his exalted education to develop an eye bleach for just these type of situations. Should it ever become available shall I put you down for a bottle or 2? 🙂

  3. Missed it also. But the entertainment value was still there. Apparently Biden’s plan for reducing inflation is for companies to reduce their cost while at the same time not reducing their wages paid ( which when I learned accounting counted as “costs” )

    Maybe he found that magic wand that Obama claimed he didn’t have.

  4. Didn’t watch it either. If I wanted my stomach acid churned up, I’d drink a 5th of whiskey. That said I’m constantly impressed with Lauren Bobert

  5. Etiquette:
    I got an email about 2 hours ago that Van Taylor is going to end or has ended his re-election campaign. Keith Self, I guess, wins the run off 2 months early (and quite cheaply) and what’s her name that came in 3rd is going to be righteously upset. Thot you’d like to know!

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