Skating Away

on the thin ice of the new day.

No wait, that wasn’t what I wanted to talk about;  but you can keep it running in the background anyway.

I haven’t been watching the Winter Olympics in CommieChinaland (who has?), but I noticed recently that there was some nonsense about doping and (duh) Russians, prompting a comment from Eternal Skating Hottie Katarina Witt.  So here we are:


Magnificent.  And… yer welcome.


    1. How do you think the East Germans got their women’s teams?
      Actually a lot of German women start looking rough around the edges at age 40 or so.

      She appeared in Playboy Magazine in December 1999.

  1. Skating Away is probably one of my mostest favoritist Tull tunes ever. I’ve listened to it since it came out in ’74, and I’m still not sure what Ian was trying to say, despite having read many things about. I’ve been to many (“too many”?) concerts and have often heard it live, and from a wide variety of the incarnations of Tull, but keep coming back to the album version because it’s so beautifully done.

    1. As much as anyone is “willing” when faced with the “spy for us or we’ll send your whole family to a reeducation camp; and by the way, your swanky apartment? it’s off to a women’s barracks for you” situation.

      Sometimes things are not as simple as they seem.

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