1. Me too, but I’m a city boy when I travel so on May 26th at noon, I’m going to be at the Lord John Russell swilling beer. https://tinyurl.com/btbwvthu

    That’sssuming always that EasyJet gets me to Gatwick and that the covid stasi don’t stop everything again and that the Canucki government doesn’t freeze my money for donating a hundred bucks to the truckers.

    Speaking of which, can anyone recommend an American bank? One that will not bend to government pressure in 30 seconds? Or are all bankers cowardly weasels?

    Or maybe fake ID to open new accounts? If I fly down to Texas, dye my skin brown, claim that I’m Juan Valdez, will you Yanks give me a couple thousand dollars, new ID and a flight to someplace else? I can take it from there.

  2. If the Branch Covidians don’t shut down travel this summer, I am headed to Wales for a 6 week extended pub crawl. My wife’s sister lives there, atop a rolling hill near the oldest town in Wales. There’s a Brain’s Pub at the bottom of the hill. Short 5-minute walk down there and a 2-hour walk home. Thankfully, they have a comely young Welsh lass who will give you a ride home on their golf cart.

    When we last went, it was the hottest summer in Wales in 50 years and I didn’t even notice. The weather seemed quite clement to me. I think the locals were surprised it wasn’t raining 8 times a day.

  3. Interesting to hear comments about the area in terms of five and one half thousand years ago. A little different here in the New World when 200 hundred years ago is deemed a long time. Heck, the Alamo was only 186 years ago.
    I turned on the subtitles, as my ear is not tuned to English spoken by the English. I haven’t been there there for many years, it would be fun to go again.

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