I’m not often envious of what other people do or have, but I’ll make an exception for this guy and his toy:

We used to have a 30′ Scalextric track layout in the basement of our Chicago suburban home, but in subsequent homes we never had the space available to set it up again.  And unlike Our Hero, we only had a few cars, which we’d race against each other by class, so to speak:



Great fun.


  1. Yes Please.. At 13 I sold Christmas cards door to door so I could accumulate enouigh “points” to redeem for an Auroura 32nd scale slot car set. I agree they are great fun. …and that guy seems to have followed his passion to a whole other level. Just like the guys who are still into Model Railroads and spend untold amounts to build 500 square foot layouts.

    Then I spent many hours at the Local Slot Car Parlor … somewhat more respectable than a Pool Hall ….but not much.

    However, a better use of the space is for a 6 axis full motion simulator with a VR headset. It’s absolutely amazing how real it all becomes….. and it’s getting better. All for the cost of ….. a used up real race car.

  2. When I was a kid, I had a medium-sized HO scale set that got a fair amount of use, but (for some reason) I picked up one of the 1/32 cars – which also happened to be a green Mini. Never used it, but it was fun to fiddle with.

    I also had an American Flyer S-gauge train set we picked up at a garage sale. Lots of fun with that one, but never had a dedicated room to set it up in, and all of my layouts took up large swaths of the house while my parents were out.

  3. James May did a Toy Stories episode on Scalextric. He enlisted the help of a bunch of of a bunch of folks to build a 3 mile slot car track around the outlines of the original Brooklands race track. Great series of shows.

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