Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

…or “Why You Should Always Keep Your Bedside Gun Handy“:

An intruder broke into a West Palm Beach, Florida, home just after 4 a.m. Saturday morning and turned on the bedroom light before being shot and fatally wounded by a homeowner.

The actual article calls the corpus delicti  an “alleged” intruder, but he’s nothing of the sort as a.) he was found inside the house without having been invited in, and b.) he was unknown to Our Hero.  Ergo:  intruder.  Shot with an “alleged” gun.

Once again, note that the sequence of events was:  Choirboy breaks in;  turns on light to see what he can steal;  is confronted by half-asleep homeowner;  refuses to leave;  gets shot.

And no mention of said homeowner fumbling around in a safe or bedside drawer for his gun.

Just sayin’.


  1. Another good story from recent events in our area.

    State-wide, (Washington State, that is), the leftist controlled government has tied the hands of police, upping requirements for police to engage with criminals, (chase/detain/go hands-on), from reasonable suspicion to probable cause. Sure, in this case it may not have been a direct cause for the deputies shot — and NOT shooting back. Still, the last two years have put all officers on the defensive, (no matter how necessary some offensive action is needed). Seems a nation of rifleman is getting called into service.

    Also, in this case, that they hid in a garage waiting for backup, (defensive), probably wasn’t the wisest of move either. The location this happened at is quite remote. With the two nearest county deputies already responding to the intial call, the next two could easily have been 15 minutes away. [Governor Inslee’s “vaccine” mandate has left Washington State Patrol extremely shorthanded, so counting on one of the few of them to be nearby is foolhardy.] Luckily, the shotgun wielding criminal didn’t continue the hunt, most likely thanks to our local hero stepping in. Hoorah!

  2. West Australian police/public prosecutors:

    “You may use a firearm for self-defence if your life or that of someone else is in imminent or immediate mortal danger.

    “However, if you have sufficient time to locate and retrieve your safe keys (and even your spouse is forbidden to know the location), unlock your gun safe, unlock the separate ammunition cabinet, insert the bolt in the firearm (if needed) and load and cock the firearm … well, prima facie, the danger to you or someone else was neither imminent or immediate — you had time to do something else.”

    If indeed you shoot and kill said criminal, you will be charged by the police unless there are compelling reasons otherwise. The most likely charge would be manslaughter.

    “Under Section 280, a person who unlawfully kills a person in circumstances that do not constitute murder, is guilty of manslaughter. The maximum penalty for manslaughter is imprisonment for life. For an accused to be found guilty of manslaughter, the death of the victims must have been reasonably foreseeable.

    If manslaughter is committed in the course of an aggravated home burglary, the following minimum penalties apply:

    For an adult, imprisonment for 15 years;
    For a juvenile, imprisonment for three years.”

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