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gawd, I hope not.  As it is, they’re too much like Democrats for my liking.  (no link because paywall)

key word:  “Pakistan”, but it could have been any of the Muslim garden spots, really.

I would have thought that “machine guns” and “barbed wire” would work better than “cameras”, but then I’m just a simple man.

and you can stop that raucous cheering and applause, you lot — because the fucking Austrian prosecutor wants to charge her for assault. 

Train Smash Watch:

can’t be long now

wait for it… wait for it

OF COURSE SHE DOES.  Only an intersectional feminist could imagine that she could stop an international flight just because of ME ME ME ME ME !

Let’s look in on Covidiocy:


good.  I hope they all catch it and die.

I would normally be sympathetic, except that Levi Strauss is a bunch of gun-controlling assholes, so fuck ’em.

How about the Freedom Trail:

just wait till the tar, feathers and ropes come out.

LesboPM can’t imagine any resistance coming from her cowed Kiwi peasants.

and when you’ve lost the Belgiesoh wait:

as Castro’s love child goes full Stalin.

[whimper] oh FFS, kill me me now.

And now, more INSIGNIFICA:


and if you used the Hubble telescope focused to “infinity”, you still wouldn’t be able to find my interest in this story.


Amanda who?  Nemmind:

And dat be Da Nooz… for now.


  1. “…I would have thought that “machine guns” and “barbed wire” would work better than “cameras”, but then I’m just a simple man.”

    I prefer mine fields, and having the barbed wire running with 24KV. Obviates the need for 24/7 patrols, just check where the mines need replacing once a day or so.

  2. Not sure why the “intersectional feminist” was so upset, they did make the aircraft nut free (or at least reduced) by tossing her ass out.

  3. Spears is a train wreck, has been for years, but I’m too horrified to look away.

    +1 for mines. can’t we use them on our borders as well since we have a ton of them in storage and it would be a shame to let the explosives degrade without being used.

    The woman in Vienna needs to be given a ticker tape parade and key to the city or whatever they do to celebrate heroes in Austria. The prosecutor needs to be pilloried and defiled if they bring charges on the victim.

    What do you expect from the communists in China. A clip of Fidel Trudeau resurfaced showing that he praises the ChiCom dictarorship.

    whatshername there is easy on the eyes but needs a cheeseburger or seven.


  4. Maybe Pakistan has the right idea. Stoning some of the mentally ill in this country would improve life for everyone. Hollywood, politics, and the hopelessly homeless would take most of the brunt. Win, win, win.

    Lets start with the Vienna prosecutor.

  5. So, the Austrian woman assaulted the Syrian Immigrant with an uncontrollably feminine body?
    Self-defense by the Syrian sounds like a reach, even with creative pleading.

  6. Republicans changing their position on the death penalty? As in actually USING it on a regular basis?

    Remember, a hanging each day keeps crime at bay!

  7. That custody thing that Ms. Spears was fighting…..
    can that be reinstated?
    Her father must have been psychic.

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