Combat Controller sends me these pics under the heading:  “I think someone’s police department has too much money”:

“…compared to the Sheriff’s department…”:

When you think of how often the city cop cars will be in the shop for repairs (five times per month, average) compared to the Sheriff’s cars (twice a year, average), it’s an even worse picture.


  1. Here’s hoping the Maserati was probably a seizure… though the increased maintenance costs might not be worth keeping it around for public relations (photos look like they’re from a parade).

    In Virginia, Sheriffs are elected, whereas Police Chiefs are appointed. In LoCo (Loudoun County – our school district has been making headlines) our County Supervisor (D) has been pushing to create her own County Police Department instead of relying on the County Sheriff (R). She wants to have control over the police force instead of them answering to a different elected official. That would relegate the Sheriff to simply protecting the county buildings, like the court house and such.

    1. Yup, almost certainly a seizure. And they are probably stuck with that White Elephant because no one would even bid on it at auction.

  2. It’s good to be the Chief in Orlando…. and when his patrol car is in the shop, he has a whole fleet of regular patrol cars he can check out for the week ( or 3 ) until the Quattroporte is repaired again.

  3. Instant coffee is useful as a coffee flavoring, for things like mocha frosting and in a cake mix. Some of the recipes The Wife has thrown together have been delicious, albeit also dangerous to my waistline and A1C.

    Anyone using it as a beverage should be chained ro a breakfast nook and forced to drink excellent, french pressed magic bean water until reeducation has been achieved.

    1. Speaking of coffee, I apparently have not had enough this morning as this comment is completely on the wrong post (facepalm).

      1. Inappropriate? Perhaps.
        Timely? Correct.

        I have Nescafe instant twice a day for the past 10+ years and see no reason to change. I can’t tell you how money I have wasted over the past half century chasing my addiction, to finally learn, the best (for me) is the simplest.

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        1. And as far as the thieving assed jackboots go, fuk em ded, ALL of them.
          And the people that support them. None are any good and all are criminal.

  4. The front of the firetruck appears to proclaim a slogan:
    * “2nd due to the world”
    And this got me to wondering:
    * Why would Orlando firefighters be ‘tuned’?
    * Why do they owe their ‘tuned’ to the world?
    * Can a not-bureaucrat be ‘tuned’ without owing the world?
    … leading, inevitably, to:
    * Can somebody owe the world without getting ‘tuned’?

  5. You know, I’d rather the local Sheriff’s department had blown the money on a Maseratti rather than the APC they bought. Yup, give me opulence in law enforcement vehicles than another step along the way of further blurring the lines between law enforcement and the military.

  6. The 5K service cost of a Maserati is the operating cost of a CrownVic including gas.

    Duluth GA will take the drug impounded cars and convert them to Police cars. They have Corvettes, a 911, Quadraport, Mustang GT, Dodge Hellcat, and Camaro’s as police cars.

  7. I’d have to wonder if the County and the City cops have different statutory standards for asset theft.

    They’re just another gang, the Highwaymen.

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