Damn Immigrants

…coming over here, sleeping with our Murkin wimmins, taking our jobs, and now (gasp) wanting to destroy our beloved Department of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms:

Born an Englishman but a U.S. citizen since 2006, Martin Hyde knew the danger such lists pose. He’d seen how they had been misused in England, Australia and elsewhere.

“When a government has a list of the people who own guns, it almost always leads to confiscation,” Hyde said. “When I saw this, I knew the ATF had to go – it has to be abolished or broken up. Besides, no one makes a better case for abolishing the ATF than the ATF.

“I grew up in London without the right to keep and bear arms. Englishmen were never unarmed; we were disarmed by the government. Americans don’t understand what that’s like, thankfully. Our Second Amendment prohibits the government from disarming the people, and it needs to be protected – enshrined, if you will.”

And yes, he’s become a keen gun owner since becoming a citizen.


  1. Not nearly enough. I want to see those bastards investigated under a microscope for conspiracy, treason, sedition, and then tried by a star chamber that operates under their own MO. Plant evidence, arbitrarily and capriciously change the rules, lie, cheat, firebomb their houses. I want such an example made of those vile scum, that bureaucrats of every stripe will have PTSD for the next millennium.

    1. An admirable desire. That is the attitude that made America free. At least until the “They do things better in Europe” crowd discovered Euro-style totalitarianism.

  2. Would I be correct in guessing that his chances are somewhere near zero? Regardless, he is to be commended for highlighting and campaigning on this issue.

  3. There arent enough people like him.

    It used to be that hard copy paper lists were very burdensome to keep, update and transfer. With electronics, such lists are a few button pushes away from being distributed and abused freely.

    Unfortunately, there is an awful lot of work to be done, not enough right minded bureaucrats or politicians to carry out the correction so we might need a hard reset.


  4. Not just one list. Any electronic list or group of lists can be connected to any other electronic list or group of lists. All that’s needed is a common element between the two lists. ….. instantly.

    There is no more privacy ….. even if you are far off the grid…… just ask the unibomber.

    It’s too late. Sorry

    1. It used to be said that “Equality was the 20th Century Myth”. Now, unfortunately, “Privacy is the 21st Century Myth. “

  5. I would emigrate and apply for US citizenship in a heartbeat were it possible — sadly, it isn’t. I still regularly go to Zillow and look at affordable properties in “gun friendly” states.

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