News Roundup

The usual mix of crap and sublime… as you will see.  Let’s start with the sublime:

oh yeah, baby.

to the astonishment of precisely… nobody.

and nobody will watch it.

Some in a cheering crowd called for her to
be raped. Many were women.

key word:  India.

the funeral for Irony will tale place at a time and place TBD.

whereupon said conservative school board fires them all.  Hey, I can dream…

although it may make the folks at the bank a trifle nervous when you go in to make a deposit.  And still on COVIDIOCY:


Next, some logic:

good question, innit?  Rachel Weisz and Winona Ryder were unavailable for comment.

And here are INSIGNIFICA:


…and because

…here we go:

Here endeth the news.


  1. A tad surprised hitting the pipe didn’t make the cut, it’s so… magical. The Big O made sure you & I bought phones for the oppressed. Brandon has upped the ante: free crack pipes! Because Equity®!! Gotta hand it to LGB, he has a visceral understanding of the priorities Americans are most concerned about. There’s no question – he’ll lead his party to historic victories & overwhelming majorities during the midterms in November, with groundbreaking initiatives just like this one.

  2. Am I supposed to know who that blond tart is?
    Never heard of her nor recall seeing her (given I don’t watch much crap on TV and it is 99.55% crap).

      1. Dancing On Ice???? That’s the Olympic Women’s Figure Skating event, right?
        You know, where the woman has to glide the length of the ice to get up the nerve to execute a jump with one less turn than the men who pop off three of the jumps in the same space?

    1. That makes a difference? 5/6 of the women Kim posts photos of here I’ve never heard of. That just doesn’t matter to me. I enjoy the photos none the less.

      1. Windy,
        not hearing of these people is a blessing rather than a liability. Most of them are completely interchangeable.


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