Wait A Minute

While reading The Sun  newspaper (so you don’t have to), I was drawn to this little piece about local additions to various fast-food menus all over the world.

No problems with Canuckistan McDonalds offering poutines, of course, as I think there’s probably a law Up There which mandates it:

Oaaaargh I think I just gained a pound looking at those bad boys.

But it’s the offering from KFC Philippines which got me thinking:

Just run with me here for a moment.  If that hot dog is the usual bland crap pablum as served to kids as canned Vienna sausages, then ugh.  But what if it was a lovely German-style bratwurst or similar, topped with some spicy Senf  (mustard) and wrapped in crunchy KFC fried chicken breast?

I’d order it as my last meal, with some proper (not McDonalds) Canucki poutines.

And yes I know, with all that fat it probably would be my last meal.  But I have a suspicion that it would truly be a taste to die for.

I think I’m going to make one for myself (once again, so y’all don’t have to), just to see how it works out.

Nom nom nom.


  1. I am very glad I have just eaten – ribeye steak & chips and a half bottle of red wine (Barrail du Blanc 2015 FWIW).

    Oh wait, I still have some left in the glass…

  2. You’re right about brats and other German sausages. We have a German butcher shop not far from us that has a variety of German style cuts of meat. We also have a Polish area with more types of Kielbasa than you could shake a pierogi at which is very nice too!!!


    1. I don’t have that one yet. I do have Frank Shay’s “The Best Men are Cooks” from 1941, just before cooking went from taste to nutrition and the latest crack-brained theories on what was healthy or not. “The Best Men Are Cooks” is a delight to read, and the recipes are pretty good, too.

  3. When I was stationed in Berlin, I used to frequently buy currywurst for lunch or as a late night leaving the bar snack. I finally found a local German restaurant that serves a pretty good version. And, we’ve got a fairly large Polish immigrant population here, so there are some good delis with wide varieties of pierogi and kielbasa. Comfort food.

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