News Roundup

News so horrible, you’ll need a barf bag.  Don’t believe me?


let the public floggings begin.

…at some point, people just get sick of petty-minded officialdom, don’t they?

good for you, Mum.  If only there were another 100,000 like you

and quite rightly so.

and I’ll take “Republican members of Congress” for $400, Alex.

From the Dept. of Covidiocy:


I’m fine with that, but only if we substitute “college professors” for “anti-maskers”.

In other news:

yeah, that’s going to work out well.  Still, better in Massachusetts than in Texas.

why is this chubby little fuck not yet swinging from a rope for treason?  And speaking of which:

unfortunately, it’s just his portrait.



Train Smash Update:

and from the article:  

Finally, this (with sincere apologies):

one has to wonder exactly how less-thin she was before.

Here’s an antidote to the above: