1. Haven’t heard any of them in over 20 years, and I’m indifferent to them. Not offended by them.

  2. I like “Brown-eyed Girl”. It’s just a simple happy little love song.

    The other two: Meh. Not a fan, but don’t hate them either. About the only music that can get me into a real rage is rap. Foul satanic crap.

  3. The worst song ever written: Dream On A Stairway To Free Bird
    I change the station every single time. Well, that and Bruce Springsteen.

  4. Van Morrison is an enjoyable performer. Brown Eyed Girl is a rather good song.

    I think I’m one of the few in the Boston area that just did not care for Aerosmith. I guess they’re rather pro-2A type folks and moved from the People’s Democratic Republic of Taxachusetts to Free America in NH.

    Louie louie -ugh Not horrible but not great either.

    Ralph is absolutely right about that sanctimonious turd from Jersey. In this case I’m speaking of Bruce GFY Spingsteen


  5. Inexplicably popular pop star: Bon Jovi. His lyrics sound like they were written by a 9 year old with a rhyming dictionary, and his voice has a strained quality that makes him sound perpetually constipated.

  6. I played rhythm guitar in a pub covers band for many years. Hundreds and hundreds of gigs. Our target demographic audience was over 35s. There are some songs we would have played at almost every one of those gigs, always winners with the audience. Often very, very simple songs. Part of the job is that you have to stay true to the tempo and arrangement of the original. Some of those songs get old very quickly, but you had to keep doing them. Our regulars demanded them. We had a checklist of about 300 songs the bride could choose from for her wedding. They were so consistent in their choices, we ended up with a wedding set list.
    You end up hating these songs with a passion. Including…
    Brown eyed girl
    Walking on sunshine (three chords, no bridge)
    Sweet home Alabama
    The Scottish song (500 miles)
    April sun in Cuba
    Old time Rock and Roll
    Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow

    It hurts me to even type them

    1. re — April Sun In Cuba
      I never heard of it… a search revealed a couple live versions by the Dragon band.

  7. Agreed, those are trash. Now to find something with Floor Jansen in it as a pallet cleanser…

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