1. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.

    And the finest manure is coming from our political and ‘social’ leadership

  2. Gingrich is completely wrong. The GOP is largely feckless and will not prosecute Cheney or that other toady whose name I gladly forget. Far too many politicians are not held accountable for their appalling behavior. If they were then hypocrite Chuck Schumer would have been well attired in tar and feathers decades ago, the plagarist and molestor Creepy Joe would have been in jail before 1980, that drunkard Nasty Nancy would be rotting in a prison cell next to Benghazi Clinton of FBI Filegate and TravelGate fame among other crimes and I could go right down the line. Obama would be looking forward to a romantic evening with his cellie for using the DOJ to illegally spy on another politician and president elect. A host of congress would be in jail for wasting public resources for not one, but two baseless investigations and impeachments.

    Sorry Newt, but we can’t even get the GOP to play adequate defense let alone an aggressive offense. Unfortunately what other option do we have for candidates, the communist Democrats? nope! Libertarians? nope!


  3. My thought when I read that last night was that I wished we in the Right could alter our dialectic to deny that THOSE people were ever our leaders. Call them rather a cabal of pretenders. Or enemies of the people, or anything BUT leaders.

    1. The Regime.
      That word insinuates that the people ruled didn’t choose them.
      Which we didn’t. They sold their souls to the Devil of the Chinese Communist Party.

  4. A good way to pay off the national debt would be to raffle off the shooting positions of the firing squad.
    Or simply offer them at auction.
    How much would you pay to be on the squad for Adam Schiff, or Nasty Pelosi Or better yet, to be on the squad for George Soros?

    1. What range? What caliber? Target and background colors? Can I auction off firing squad positions?

    2. Stream the vid to an online source and charge $5 to view it. There could even be betting for things like, will the 12ga blow the entire head off or just partial?

    3. Rope can be reused. A bullet hitting the skull is useless afterward. Plus, after hanging, the head on a pike is a good lesson for anyone contemplating repeating the libtard agenda.

  5. Tribunal?

    Come on, anyone who’s been paying attention already knows their numerous crimes against the people and the Constitution.

    Is there any question that Adam Schiff, for example, doesn’t just do and say anything he damn well pleases?
    And don’t get me started on Queen “are you serious” Pelosi.
    Or that George Soros is a threat to any actual Republic?

  6. they wouldn’t prosecute Hillary Benghazi Clinton so what makes you think the GOP will pursue charges against anyone else?


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