Drinking Game

I’m past the age of playing games whose sole intention (and outcome) is getting shit-faced drunk.

However, I had to chuckle at Tom Utley’s suggestion:

Earlier this month I invented a game to cheer myself up through these short, chilly days of January. I’m not claiming it will work for everyone, but readers may care to give it a try.

The rules are simple. All you have to do is award yourself an imaginary £10 every time you hear the words ‘mental health’ uttered on the radio or TV, or read them in the media.

Poor Tom can’t actually make it a drinking game, because he writes for a newspaper and no doubt some scold will go after him for encouraging reckless behavior.

I, however, am under no such constraint.

Giving yourself money is a pointless exercise;  but if you turn it into a drinking game and substitute “down a shot”, I can guarantee hours of joyous inebriation.

Other such puke-inducing phrases can be used, such as “circle back” (during Jen Psaki press conferences) and “state of emergency” (unless used in an actual emergency e.g. tornado or hurricane), “safe space” and so on.

Feel free to add your favorite puke-inducing phrases in Comments.


  1. Every time some politician or talking head (is there a difference) talks about the “workers” I reckon they have visions of Stalin dancing in their heads.

  2. My go to for years has been to watch a PBS show (“Nature” or “Nova”) and drink when they say “global warming” or “climate change”.

    Of course, that’s a good way to end up in the ER if you stick with it.

  3. Science deniers. Climate change. Equity. Cultural appropriation. Black lives matter. White privilege. Toxic masculinity. Assault weapons. Gender identity. Western colonialism. Sustainability.

    Use of all of those will result in a rapid transition from joyous inebriation to alcohol poisoning. You’ve been warned.

  4. Re: our flucking Wuhan Flu crisis.
    Use the word Flu, and you’ll have downed a fifth in short order.

    Firstly, I have discovered as a sarcastic bastard for lo these many years people took my sarcasm as genuine sentiment, therefore warning, the following is sarcasm.
    While I suspect hereabouts that would be readily understood I don’t want to upset some tragically serious hyperventilating snowflake who might accidentally stagger into the comments section.

    I don’t understand why we have spent so much time and money on the crisis of this Chinese Spawned flu, which comparatively kills hardly anyone, when we’re still masking and social distancing to protect ourselves from the far more deadly Spanish Flu that broke out over a century ago and literally killed millions upon millions world wide!

    Since 1918 “The New Normal” has been for responsible members of world society to avoid large crowds, quarantine suspected virus infected folk, close all forms of educational institutions and social events, and wear masks or face coverings at all times and especially when we are forced to travel outside our own places of residence.

    And yet Dr Fauci and the CDC scarcely mention this at all and have not done any work to save us and restore society to the norms of life we enjoyed prior to the outbreak of the Spanish Flu!

    End sarc.

    There, by my count, and adding the word flu to your trigger list, after reading this you’re good for seven shots of stuff that has been thoroughly tested world wide for ages. Depending on your capacities, that may spawn some unfortunate side effects for which I will not be held responsible.

  5. For that to work I would have to listen to their bullshit.

    For the sake of *my* mental health (hear me out) I don’t do that.

    See, I’m > < far from…going over the fence and into the darkness anyway, and if I…put a few politicians and journalists into the fires they belong in, they'll put me in jail, and that would not be good for my mental health.

    So I don't listen to the mainstream news.

  6. At this point, anything using “trans”. Takes effort to filter for the legitimate uses of the syllable.

  7. I can’t listen to their lies and propaganda anymore. Haven’t in years. I’d Elvis a TV too damn fast for my Chief Accountant to replace.

    We used to subscribe to the local birdcage liner/fish wrapper. We only got it for the coupons. Now that coupons have moved to the electronic realm, I suppose, we canceled the local rag because their politics and social opinion seeps into every story possible. The weekday papers were mostly rehashed AP stories with little local coverage and nothing worth reading. I used to stick to the op ed, comics and crossword. I figured if the subject was provoking enough, someone would write a letter to the editor and it would get published. The rest of the paper was rubbish. The sunday edition with more local fare wasn’t any better at all.

    The television media is just as bad. The 24hour cycle is nothing but regurgitated nonsense. It’s like watching the clothes spin the dryer, oh here comes the blue shirt again. With the news it’s “here comes this BS again.” The media clearly has a strong bias in favor of the statist and racist Democrat death cult. they rarely hold Democrats accountable or ask them tough questions. Pelosi’s “pass it to find out what’s in it” comment about Obama Care should have earned her the loss of the seat she held in Congress. Nope, she’s still there and then re-elected to be the Speaker of the House. her entire cabal says stupid things repeatedly but the press doesn’t report on how foolish they are.

    The best thing we could all do is that when these imbeciles speak is to write a letter to the paper, our local Congress critter, contribute or work on the campaign of their opponents, or go to the range and practice marksmanship.


  8. “Your mask protects me, and my mask protects you.” Not just obvious bullshit, but collectivist twaddle on top of that.

    That one’s so annoying, it might be worth draining the bottle.

    1. back in the dark ages, cloth gowns and cloth masks were used in the operating room regularly. There were standards developed for the type of material, thread count and number of layers for the masks and gowns as well as standards of when the laundered cloth PPE were deemed no longer fit for service. Dig these up, re-issue them since medicine is now supposed to be based on science and evidence based practice.

      Two years later and no standard for masks has been released.

      N95 masks need to be fit tested in order to be effective. Hardly anyone in the public has had this done so they’re running around with masks that don’t fit and are ineffective. They also buy up this PPE so it’s no longer available for people with greater exposure risk. Furthermore, the N95 mask packaging even states that they are not effective against viruses. This is healthcare theater just like the TSA is security theater.

      Also, the 6 foot social distancing rule has no basis in science. None


  9. I don’t say “mental health” very often, but the phrase “mental illness” comes up a lot whenever I talk about people on the Left. But you asked for suggestions, so I’ll add the following:

    Social justice
    White supremacy
    Stay in your lane
    Cultural appropriation

    That’s enough for now, but I’m sure there are a lot more that I’ve missed.

  10. Like a lot of folks hereabouts, I would become a teetotaler if I tried to play this game, because I no longer bother with the MSM in any of its forms.

  11. Sounds like a variant of buzzword bingo. 😉

    Speaking of drinking games:
    Behold! The dumbest drinking game of *All Time!*

    “Lighters” as played across American colleges, circa 1987

    One sits with a group around a table, with beverages.
    Someone produces a disposable lighter, and spins it.
    Whoever the business end points at drinks, and then spins the lighter again.

    Anyone needing the lighter to ignite smoke must grab it while spinning, ignite their smoke, drink, and then resume the interrupted spin.

    That’s it.

  12. D.I.E. – Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity – Grrr enough already
    “At the end of the day” – That phrase bothers me because everyone is saying it a lot lately

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