Stop Screwing Around

You know what?  I’m getting sick of all this shit.

Never mind the “war games”, Lefties.  Why don’t you just let slip the dogs of war, and let’s see how it pans out for you.


Here’s a tip.  Each of us has already war-gamed the scenario.  All you have to do is make the first overtly hostile move.


  1. How will the freedom revolution start start?

    Armed riots, maybe preceded by increasingly violent demonstrations?
    Cops shooting those they are supposed to be guarding?
    Cops shooting other cops?
    Snipers taking out politicos, judges and/or bureaucrats from a thousand yards?
    Neighbours shooting each other?

    Gonna be ugly, no matter how it starts.

    1. Gavrillo Princip started WW-1 up-close and personal.
      Our political types will most likely meet their demise the same way.

  2. “How will the freedom revolution start start? ”

    That’s for us to know, and for them to find out.

  3. The country is under constant danger of fascism from the Right, but it always seems to come from the Left.

  4. A bunch of glitterbeards and manbunners reeking of avocado toast and soy, “armed” with bongs and dildos, against the membership of the NRA. The Second Civil War* won’t be pretty, but I’m guessing it will be short.

    * The “first” “Civil War” wasn’t a true civil war in the strictest sense; the rebels weren’t trying to overthrow the US, they were just taking their toys (and slaves) and going home. In private, I refer to it as “The War of Secession”, or “The Slavers’ Rebellion”.

    1. When I was stationed in Mississippi, they still called it the
      War of Northern Aggression.

      They also said that anyone who lived north of I-10 is a Yankee.

        1. Growing up in East Tennessee, I always heard anything north of Knoxville, so that dovetails nicely with the I-40 remark.

  5. I fear Kim is absolutely right.

    There’s still time to step back from the abyss. However, the Progs keep pushing everyone to the cliff.


  6. Without fail, the usual characters rend garments and ululate about democracy in jeopardy when they lose. Guess democracy is always under attack when they get boned up the exhaust pipe by it.

    Sore losers, for sure. They hate the fact that most of the country thinks differently than them. They also are pig ignorant for the most part.

    They lie, they double down, then they project. And they are going to get what they accuse us of good and hard. Those lefties that yearn for the battle have no clue about the realities they’ll face. And won’t until it’s way too late. It won’t be a glorious battle in the streets. It’ll be like Northern Ireland during the troubles. Gonna be a whole lot of disappearing going on and ‘no one will know nothing’ about it.

  7. The last ‘Civil War’ did not start on April 14, 1861 when the south fired on Ft. Sumter… That was merely the final act that began the shooting….

    I don’t know what the new Ft. Sumter will be, but I am prepared.

  8. When the cities start to burn again, once the weather begins to turn to Spring, watch for the rioters, protesters, looters, burners, to begin taking small arms fire from out of the darkness. It will be coming from people who have reached their limit of this bull. Since the politicians either won’t or can’t bring this lawlessness to an end, then righteous and upstanding Citizens will get it done.

  9. Everybody I know keeps saying “When it begins.” Hey guys! it began on 7 January 2021 when Congress formalized the bogus vote to install Joe Biden as POTUS on the 20th

  10. I’m not so sanguine.

    The Deep State has been preparing for this for decades: Putting their people in power in gov’t, tech and corporate, gaining control of communication, banking and commerce, building their bureaucratic SWAT armies, eviscerating the police and the military, classifying people as enemies…

    We could wake up one morning without power, cell service, internet, credit cards, bank accounts, etc. with the FBI and ATF banging on our doors.

    I do believe we’ll win if push comes to shoving back – but it’s going to be long and ugly.

    1. Charlie,
      you’re right. reminds me of lines from “Michael Collins.” They snuck into Dublin Castle and spent the night reviewing data the Brits had gathered and Collins said “they could pick us up anytime they wanted”


  11. Apropos of this:

    The article itself, and all the actions it advises is all part of information warfare and battlespace preparation. The most important thing, should this balloon ever go up, is to frame who is the aggressor and who is the righteous defender.

    In this, our adversaries fully plan to use their capture of the institutions to position themselves as the aggrieved party, all the while hiding behind the Constitution and culture they pretend to respect, but don’t know the first thing about.

    Also for consideration, Kevin Baker’s Essay:

  12. This sort of thing ceased to surprise me a long time ago. Leftists like to think of themselves as being all about peace and love, but whenever they accidentally blurt out what they’re thinking, we get a glimpse of what a leftist’s mind is really like, and it’s not pretty. It’s seething cauldron of rage, hatred, envy, and bloodlust. There’s a lot of mental illness on the Left, and since they prioritize emotions over rational thought, discipline and self-control are foreign to them. They’re constantly indulging in violent fantasies about what they would do to their enemies (and that’s anyone who disagrees with them) if they dared.

    But they don’t dare, because they’re also cowards. Oh, there are occasional exceptions, but we’re talking about the sort of people who get the vapors and faint over words they find offensive, a loop of twine that they think is a noose, a Pop-Tart chewed into the shape of a gun, an OK hand sign, and so forth. They’re convinced that white supremacist terrorists are hiding behind every tree. They believe that a group of unarmed goofballs walking through the Capitol and taking selfies were a hairsbreadth away from overthrowing the federal government and slaughtering members of Congress. They’re afraid of EVERYTHING.

    Taking control of tech corporations, communications, banking and commerce, and bureaucracies is all well and good. But you don’t win a war with those things. You win a war with guns and bombs. And most leftists are so terrified of guns that they would never dare to touch one, let alone pick it up, learn how to use it, and practice enough to become proficient. They think they can win a war with words and feelings. This may lead them to start Civil War 2.0, but they won’t be the ones who finish it.

    “The most important thing, should this balloon ever go up, is to frame who is the aggressor and who is the righteous defender.”

    The framing that matters is what goes into the history books, and those are written by the victors.

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