Gratuitous Gun Pic: Volquartsen Classic (.22 Win Mag)

Whenever I’ve discussed super-accurate rimfire rifles, I think I’ve given the Volquartsen folks short shrift, simply by not mentioning them — maybe because they are pretty much the guns of choice for the hard-core target- and competition shooters, and their prices reflect the degree of fit and finish that those disciplines demand.  The one below, at Collectors, is priced at just under $2,000 (secondhand), for example:

Ignoring the foul laminate stock, this is a serious semi-auto rifle, and it’s one I would gladly take out for a little garbage dump rat action — but at the price, I would have to really hate rats, and in my unsteady hands, I doubt I would do that much worse with my trusty Marlin 882 boltie in the same chambering.

All that said:  there’s something to be said for owning a semi-auto rifle that is the equal of pretty much any precision bolt-action rifle in the same caliber, and one where you can’t just buy a new one — it has to be made for you.  So at the price… it’s quite a bargain.

I’ve only ever fired the Volquartsen .22 LR, never owned one, but my memory is of a superlative trigger and rock-solid consistency.  And the one I shot just loved CCI Green Tag ammo — of course, the premium rifle would prefer the spendy target feed.

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  1. A friend came over with a Volquartsen rifle blabbering about how accurate it was…….blah, blah, blah…….

    We proceeded to set up a few elementary school chairs feet up at +/- 75 yards and he stood there at a standing bench and picked the padded swivel feet off each chair.

    Twisted his arm off for that rifle that day. I have NEVER had a more accurate 22 mag rifle. Not just accurate but reliable too. Like a Ruger. Shoots every time and you really have to be trying to miss with this rifle.

    They truely make moa rifles

    Worth every penny.

    Same goes for their pistols fwiw.

  2. I built something similar around a Shilen match barrel about 25 years ago. Still one of my favorite rifles. It includes a handful of Volquartsen parts. There’s just something about a 22 that will shoot cloverleafs at 50 yds all day…especially a semi auto that allows you to make a soda can dance out toward 100 yds. Oddly, its one of the few rimfires I’ve encountered that *doesn’t* like Green Tag.

    1. Agreed that a more subtle color mix would improve the stock. I do like laminated wood stocks quite a bit. You get the feel of wood, but the mechanical properties of the stock are better than a one piece wood stock.

  3. Let me start by saying that I used to work in the pew pew industry.

    Scott Volquartsen is one of the nicest, most down to earth people you will ever come across in this world. He is genuinely caring. He is respectful to everyone, whether they are a CEO or a worker at the bottom of the totem pole in an organization. Scott treats everyone he comes across with the utmost respect. (No I did NOT work for Scott and NO I did NOT work at his company, I worked for one of the many companies that he made parts for to enhance the companies products).

    Scott Volquartsen and his company makes QUALITY products. I have NEVER had an issue with the quality of any of his products. I have never purchased an entire firearm from his company, however I have used many of his barrels, trigger parts, and other enhancement parts (bolt release for 10 22) etc.

    The barrels were VERY accurate. And they looked cool. Carbon fiber barrels and fluted barrels come to mind. The trigger parts made things smooth, and the break was crisp. The enhancement parts like the bolt release for the 10 22, well lets just say, once you have one, you wonder how you ever lived without it.

    I once placed an order for a Volquartsen part though a third party reseller. This seller was NOT affiliated with Volquartsen at all. The seller shipped the part to the wrong address. When I asked for the reseller to reship to the correct address, they told me it was my problem.
    ONE email to Scott’s team resolved this. He and his team, for ZERO charge, took responsibility for someone else’s mistake and shipped me out the Volquartsen part I had ordered from someone else. THAT IS SERVICE!

    Another time, the company I worked for had released a new product. I had a few of them on hand to demo to people. Scott Volquartsen sent me, at zero charge, for company use, one of each of the Volquartsen barrels to show to people. While the stock product was good, the Volquartsen barrels put these pistols over the top. So many positive comments when people tried the pistols with the Volquartsen barrels.

    Volquartsen and the owner Scott, are a rarity in this world. You just do not typically see this type of quality and this type of service in this world.


    For everyone else reading this – purchase Volquartsen products if you have the cash. The products and the service are bar none INCREDIBLE!

    Also – this has nothing to do with Volquartsen – but another company that makes incredible pew pew parts is Apex Tactical. Another DIFFERENT Scott, Scott Folk, runs Apex. This company also has amazing parts and service.


  4. Well, at my age I too have some unsteadiness. I do own a .22 target pistol and .22 rifle, but if I was going for rats, I would take my .410 snake charmer. It’s light weight and with the scatter I can sort of miss, and still hit the vermin. It also works on the two legged rats as well

  5. Last year, starting with a stock Ruger 10-22, I built a race gun that is highly accurate and downright pleasant to the eye with off the shelf parts from Volquartsen, Kidd, Tandem Cross, Magpul and a bull barrel from Whistle Pig. Total cost including the stock Ruger was just over $1000. I’m not a armorer or anything, just your average shooter, but I had the time and some cash, so 3 years ago I started building guns I wanted with cash as I earned it, and learned a lot along the way. A Remington 870, AR15, and the Ruger 10-22.

    Just yesterday I bought an S&W M&P .22 full size (almost new – very lightly used) and over the next few months I will break it down, learn it, then fully customize it with the parts that will make it 100% better than new. With patience, a few tools, some common sense, and research anyone can do this.

  6. I have almost that exact gun with a fluted barrel in 17HMR. It is ridiculously accurate, and my favorite gun for working on form. No recoil and if the shot’s off, then it’s on me. Also for a long time it was about the only 17HMR semi-auto that wasn’t recalled. Volquartsen said his guns could handle the higher than expected pressures and would shoot fine.

    Picked up it used, still expensive, but well worth it.

    1/2″ 10-shot groups at 100 yds are normal with a bipod and shoulder rest. Tighter is possible with rear sandbags.

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