1. If we’re talking Brit-land, Emma Thompson back when she was married to Kenneth Branagh.

    Can’t explain why.

      1. My brother and I have had this convo several times.

        Gals that shouldn’t move the needle, cause an earthquake. Gals that everybody rages over…meh, whatever.

  2. Natasha Richardson.
    Sweet gentle energy.
    (And I think Liam Neeson and family were robbed.)
    Hayley Mills.
    Gentle resilience.

  3. Bettany Hughes. And, oddly, Lucy Worsely. Love me some smart Brit chicks.

    Speaking of which, thanks, Kim, for making me aware of the amazing Victoria Coren Mitchell.

    1. Oh I forgot about Lucy… “A tapestwy of stowies, woven into a histowy.”
      She has the sexiest walk of any of them, especially from behind.

  4. Helier Ebrahimi – Economics Correspondent, Channel Four news. Super intelligent, can reduce Politicians to dribbling wrecks and made Jon Snow forget his script on many occasions. Is nicknamed TNT (Tits N Teeth) by Mr True Brit. A little young maybe but……

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