News Roundup

More news:  some good, some insignificant, and most of it terrible as always.

I said there was some good news.  And even more:

which can only improve their prospects.  And:

even better.

all good advice, although it should have been given over the little shit’s twitching corpse.

explain to me again the wonders of self-driving cars?

the way I feel about Washington DC right now, I have mixed feelings about this.

excuse me while I go off to borrow Sarah Hoyt’s shocked face.

quite right:  he should have been doused with gasoline and set on fire.

From the Dept. of Covidiocy:


And from the Middle East:

one fish two fish, red fish Jew fish?

be a billionaire who can afford to tell them all to fuck off?



surely this isn’t news anymore?   Oh wait;  it’s a family pic:

When your family looks like a bar of Cadbury’s Top Deck

And speaking of leg-spreading exercises:

…and as

…heeeere’s Nicola:


  1. From the outside it looks like the £4000, went to a good cause. Of course you would need to provide before and after pics for proper scientific comparison

  2. College enrollment down 475K…..
    What percentage of that are Men?

    Taliban: I’m sure they can get them across the Tex-Mex border with no trouble.

  3. OK so we know where 4,000 went. How much did the rest the work that she had done cost? Based on the photos, I suspect she’s spent the equivalent of new Porsche ( and likely needs the corresponding level of yearly service costs ) .

  4. Yes, well … our State Premier has said we will be wearing masks “for years to come”. And we’re Western Australia, not Scotland. We flew back to WA from Tasmania on Christmas Day, before he closed our borders totally. We had to self-isolate for 14 days — NOT permitted outside the house, except to go for a PCR test. PCR tests required day 2 and day 12 — both negative. By law, we had to wear facemasks in the car driving to and from the testing station. Just the two of us … and just a few hours before we had been asleep in the same bed sans masks. Now, we have to be double vaccinated and wear a facemask to go into a bottle shop (liquor store), but we don’t have too be double vaccinated to go into a supermarket. You figure out the logic — I can’t!

    1. Biwoz,
      There is no logic or rational thought from these people. Their feelings trump all of that.


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