1. About 40 years ago one of my good friends and his wife were puzzled because they kept seeing faint footprints on their dining room table, there had been an attempt to clean them up but they were there. They had no idea why their two sons, 12 and 14 years old would stand on the table when they got home from school on hot spring days until the mom came home from work early and saw the boys looking out the window over the fence and she ran them off, got up on the table and looked over the fence at the nice young neighbor lady who was skinny dipping in her pool. They explained to the boys that it was not nice to be a peeper creeper.

    1. There were no more footprints on the table. Lessons were learned, even those not explicitly taught.

  2. The privacy fence only works until the POS neighbor builds a “viewing platform” on his side.

  3. In order to entice more illegal immigrants to return home, Border Control agents began planting enticing mannequins just over the fence.

    1. I would think that a California certified glory hole would entail a larger hole to put your tail through and handles for you to hold on to

  4. And it was then that Stanley realized hiding a body might not be as easy as he had anticipated.

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