1. We’ve discussed the real problem with those numbers. In the past, immigrants generally tried to assimilate into the new culture. They saw themselves as moving into a better place and wanted to become Americans or Texans. Today the idea is to transform the new home into what was geographically left behind. A flaming Los Angeles liberal will still be a flaming liberal who now lives in Odessa or Tyler. Those guys tell their buddies back home about the low taxes, cheap real estate, and generally good people and pretty soon the immigrants will turn those “nice” places into another third world shite hole like Chicago, LA, or New York City.

    When enough transplants get in you’ll see the great A&M Corps Of Cadets prancing off to a soccer game in sandals, skinny jeans, and man buns. Baylor university will refuse admission to known or suspected heterosexuals who were once seen going to church, and the battleship Texas will be melted down to make chrome plated butt plugs.

    I don’t know how to fix this problem. Cultural education may help in some instances but knuckleheads tend to remain that way. I will share a personal testimony of redemption (which would probably get me thrown out of what the liberals would hope Baylor becomes). I escaped the People s Republic of New Jersey in 1980 for a new job in Oklahoma. I wouldn’t call myself a flaming liberal at that time but to my shame I’ll admit that I voted for Jimmy Carter because he was a Navy man. Anyway a couple of co-workers informed me that a state law required me to own a lever action rifle. That was back When you still could find good deal at gun shows. I couldn’t decide between a Winchester 94 and Marlin 336 so I did the sensible thing and bought both. Don’t leave lever guns alone in the dark because over the years they’ve produced wonderfully diverse offspring in .357, .44 magnum and even a little brother in .22 LR.

    Those old .30-30s set me on the right path. I’ve got lots of other stuff in the collection, definitely enough for the New York Times to call an “arsenal”, but we all have to start somewhere. We also get lots of long rambling old man Dave stories out of that state law joke and I thank Kim for letting me be a part of this group of malcontents.

    1. My dad had one, so I am partial to the 336.

      If I ever manage to escape the land of Babs, Di, Nan and Kamal, I promise I will do a Buzz Aldrin on any transplanted leftist that suggests to me face to face that things would be better if we did it “like in the old country.”

  2. The time to move to free America with like minded liberty loving, personal responsibility encouraging freedom loving people is coming closer and closer. I like the geography and the seasons of the region I am in but politically and financially, it is becoming a soft totalitarian area that is getting more firm with each session of the legislature or edict from the Guvnah.


  3. A couple of notes: First, what’s up with Louisiana? Last time I checked, it was one of the “Southern States”. Second, as others have stated, a lot of these transplants are economic not political refugees. They don’t mind the woke policies and idiot politicians so much, it’s the $4.50 for a gallon of gas, the million dollars for a cheezebox house in an iffy neighborhood, and the confiscatory taxes at every level, that they mind. But they are also idiots and don’t connect the Marxist politicians and woke policies with the economic reality. So, if the trend continues, look for places like Texas and Tennessee to turn more and more purple as time goes on. Enjoy it while you can.

    Oh, and ltdavel, to the New York Times, *one* gun is an arsenal.

  4. Just buying a gun wont make ‘em conservative, my one lib son even owns an AR. When he was young, he was conservative and I was liberal and he irked the shit out of me. Now Ive moved right and listening to his knee jerk recitation of liberal talking points still irks the shit out of me.

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