1. I think Jack Nicholson’s Joker Character in the 1989 Batman said it best – “I’m glad your dead” (in the scene where the Joker met with the mob and one of the mobsters didn’t want to work with the Joker).

    I’ll put it this way, One less asshole in the world.

  2. There’s a sign facing northbound traffic on US95 in Tonopah NV that has been there for quite some time (it gets repainted frequently to keep it fresh):
    “Will Rogers never met Harry Reid”

    1. A man with national political power who interpreted the clause in the Constitution granting Congressmen and Senators immunity for words spoken in Congress as a license to lie.
      Anybody who thinks that is statesmanlike behavior is unfit to be seen or heard in public, let alone hold public office.

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