Gratuitous Gun Pic – S&W 1500 (7mm Rem Mag)

I don’t tout stuff from Collectors Firearms as often as I used to, but this one’s a steal:

These rifles were made by Howa in Japan using S&W specs, and they’re as good as any of the Weatherby Vanguards or Browning shotguns they also made in that era.

I would upgrade the scope (if necessary), thread the muzzle and pop either a brake or suppressor on the end to attenuate the 7mm Mag’s recoil.

And I could afford to do all that because the rifle costs less than $500 (!!!).  An absolute bargain — but get there quickly because it just came into stock at Collectors, and at that price it’s not going to stay there for long.


  1. It has been sold. I hope it has a good home.

    As much as some people knock the rifles and shotguns made in Japan, the Japanese are known for making high quality precision made goods. Any of the Howa, weatherby or other firearms made either by or in Miroku Japan are generally exceptionally good quality.


  2. Ahh, Collectors. They have a most amazing inventory and if you are ever in Houston, stop by and see for yourself as, I believe, Kim has.

  3. That was a good deal but the Redfield 3×9 scope was a mis-match for 7mm mag. The Redfield 3×9 scope would be more at home on a 30-30. A Leupold 4.5-14x50mm with a varmint hunter reticle would be a better choice for the 7mm mag.

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