1. “RBG” is already a movie.

    But they are all in the Dystopian Horror Category which means they are unwatchable dreck and Box Office Failures. Films that get great press reception and reviews with all the participants on all the daytime TV shows, but no ones going to spend thier own money to see them.

      1. FFS. I thought they were meme spoofs.

        I guess there’s no depths the wokies wont descend too. I’ll have to figure out how to say the “Auto Da Fe” in woke.

  2. I saw that ‘Pete’ thing offered on Prime a few days ago and wondered who the hell would make a movie about a failed mayor/candidate, yet someone did. Weapons grade bat shit crazy world we live in, time to stock up more supplies for just in case.

  3. Please direct me to the “cult of personality” section, comrade! I’ve had too much to think, and I must re-educate myself.

    1. Wednesday Addams is more intelligent, more charming, more attractive, and less creepy (though she probably regrets that last).

  4. Repulsive Soporifics. Good for pouting the viewer to sleep and then inducing nightmares.

  5. 1950s, what did the Beats call typewritten pages of gibberish, scissored into fourths, then pasted on a sheet of paper?
    I vaguely recall the word ‘cut-ups’ or somesuch, resulting in incomprehensible nonsense.
    I could see spectating at a rotating scramble of nibblets of these movies…
    …just prior to heading off for a satisfying relaxing afternoon at the range.
    To utterly waste five unrecoverable minutes of your precious time…

    1. Ahhh, the beatnik stuff, as a teenager in the 1950’s early 60’s I thought they were kind of cool and my father thought they should be shot after being horsewhipped. The real cool beat folk would sit around drinking coffee reading crap and snapping fingers instead of clapping when the drivel would finally end, I don’t think they liked the stuff at all but they were just celebrating the end.

  6. I was thinking “Hagiography” of the Devil, but Fuckumentaries has pungency and economy of expression.

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