Okay, That’s A Little Much

I am never envious of people who win the lottery, but this may force me to change that:

A woman has won £184million on her first ever EuroMillion lottery ticket after buying it “on a hunch”.

Even though it’s the first time she’s ever done it and won a tax-free $220 million payout thereby, while I have been buying lottery tickets since the dawn of time with nary a sniff of a win, that’s not the reason to hate her.  This, however:

The young woman – who wanted to remain anonymous – was presented with the prize at her home in Tahiti.

Seriously?  Tahiti?


  1. In unrelated News…. John Kerry ( who speaks French – you know ) has booked a flight to Tahiti as a “Special Envoy” for Climate Research.

  2. Tahiti has much to discommend it. Too much heat, too much sand, politically overseen by the French (which is to say by whatever passel of authoritarian tools hold Paris this week). The people are probably nice, seeing that they haven’t eaten the French…-probably too nice.

  3. All lotteries are scams that are set up to be paid out to agents of the surveillance club.

    Jeffery Epstein “won” a $41MM jackpot in Oklahoma.

    It’s a scam. It’s always been a scam. It will always be a scam for the club you are not in.

    1. https://oklahomastate.forums.rivals.com/threads/wth-is-actually-going-on-epstein-won-the-oklahoma-powerball-from-jail.84999/
      Apparently, a ‘computer glitch’ prevented that particular 7pm televised drawing… although winning numbers were announced during TheNewsAtEleven [shoots the sideways-squints at that likelihood].
      re — looto taxes in fUSA:
      I figure I keep approximately one-third of my earnings.
      * If my investment earns six hundred million, I keep two, the government agents snag four.
      Seems legit [smiles while practicing rope toss over lampposts].

      1. Same result 🙂
        Here there’s a 25% “lottery tax” on every ticket, on top of the 21% VAT.
        So even over the money that’s not being paid out by the lottery (which is 70-95% depending on the lottery) there’s a roughly 50% cut going to the government.

        Your system is actually giving the government less as it doesn’t tax the non-paid part of the lottery at that rate but at the corporate profit tax rate (if at all, as many lotteries masquerade as non-profits and are therefore tax-exempt).

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