News Roundup

With commentary so pungent, your nose will burn worse than Madonna’s hoo-hah.

in case they die before they can be killed?

and a quick glance at the student orgs involved will tell you all you need to know.

said snow being the “thing of the past” as prophesied by some asshole or other.

executive summary being: 
1) keep drinking; 
2) strongly think about vaxxing if you haven’t; 
3) Boris Johnson is a dickhead.

either somebody is lying, or else just stopped lying.

so, not a red cent in their red kettles then.  Hope it was worth it.

From the Heart Of Stone Dept.:

stop that giggling, it’s a tragic — hahahahahahah.

being Clarkson, his first ad line was rejected:  “If you’re an alcoholic, don’t fight it, feed it”, and was replaced by “It’s really fucking good”

and good for them, say I.  Not all restaurants need be “family-friendly”, and I wish there were more of them.

and just like that, the entire career of actor Peter Sellers vanished.



…and speaking of pointless Brit TV shows, here’s someone from the celebrity dancing thing, the wonderfully-named Nadia Bychkova:

I know:  small boobs, long legs.  She’s a professional dancer, FFS.


  1. As a teenager in the 80’s during the cold war, I remember us all thinking of Russian wimmens as squat, dumpy, armpit haired, grunts.

    We were very wrong. VERY wrong.

    Turns out we were thinking of American feminists.

  2. When people mock me for taking ballroom dancing lessons I just smile and think about my principal instructress and owner of the studio who looks much like the blonde and dresses like her on gala nights.

  3. I did gymnastics and dance in high school. got teased as a freshman until I pointed out that I was surrounded by girls in leotards. 3 of my friends suddenly joined the gymnastics team that year, and when I was a senior, most of my friends danced also.

    I was also the team manager for the Girls soccer team for some reason…. 😉

  4. Bad News: Americans are having less sex.

    Worse News: Our Third-World “Imports” are making up the difference.

  5. Woke Salvation Army? Oh say it isn’t so. Sigh…. there goes one of the last true charities, having forsaken good works for a political agenda.
    They may say the Army “has withdrawn a controversial guidance on race”, however, the fact that The Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission exists means that the Army has been infiltrated and invaded by wokesters, leftists and racists and is thereby corrupted.
    I feel sorry for the good people in the trenches, out in the public eye, who simply do good work helping people in the community, who will be damaged by this leftist political bilge.

    I know I’m a hidebound Luddite, but the fact that the initiator of this, one Col. Janet Munn, Salvation Army minister and co-director of the organization’s International Social Justice Commission, is a female minister, is prima facie evidence that the organization is tilting left. I have never yet met a female minister who wasn’t a leftist.

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