Quote Of The Day

Some asswipe college president said this, when his whales  wealthy alumni hit back at his university’s woke agenda:

“We’re living in an environment where people on both sides, right and left, are engaged in a culture war and they want to use universities,” he said. “I don’t find that beneficial to our mission and I’m not interested in being a participant in it.”

Whereupon Insty’s Bob Shipley responded to this bullshit with our quote of the day:

“Universities have been waging a one-way culture war on free speech, due process, and other fundamental rights (along with many other things) for decades. They don’t get to pretend they’re not part of it when the other side finally starts firing back.”

And there are a couple links at Insty’s for other alumni of similar mind to join in the fight.


  1. And the funny thing is that if these academics took the time to study history (real history – not their sanitized narrative), they would see that they are among the first to be lined up against the wall and shot. Or put to work in the fields. Or hammering out shovels for 12 hours/day and eating thin Victory Gruel.

    The masters are more than happy for their help as they take over but once they are on top, they eliminate all possible competition. Useful idiots…

    1. Makes you almost wish for their beloved “revolution” to succeed, just to see the astonished looks on their faces.

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