I yield to no man in terms of my respect for Victor Davis Hanson, but I’m afraid the worthy professor is extremely late to this party.

Losing Confidence in the Pillars of Our Civilization
Millions of citizens long ago concluded that professional sports, academia, and entertainment were no longer disinterested institutions, but far Left and deliberately hostile to Middle America.
Yet American conservatives still adamantly supported the nation’s traditional investigatory, intelligence, and military agencies — especially when they came under budgetary or cultural attacks.
Not so much anymore.

He then enumerates said institutions:  the FBI, the military (senior officers), Big Tech / Woke journalism, federal health agencies, and the criminal justice system in general.

I will admit that the above are relative newcomers to the conservatives’ hall of shame, but as we all know, we’ve always loathed and distrusted the alphabet soups of the IRS, ATF and DHS, as well as Cabinet departments like the EPA, Energy, Interior and Education — to name but a few.

Wake up, VDH:  they’re all on the shit list.  They are very close to being — and in some cases very much already — not the “pillars of our civilization”, but active destroyers thereof.

And if you Readers want proof of this, ask yourself this question:  would you rather deal with your local law enforcement, or the FBI?  Your county tax office or the IRS?


Of Course You Can’t Do That

It IS the most fundemental issue facing us right now:

The American Left (aided and abetted by some conservatives) believes that the government, not parents, should determine the content of a child’s mind—their ideas, their principles, and their values. A few weeks after McAuliffe’s tone-deaf faux pas, two authors writing in The Washington Post summed up the Left’s position in the title of their op-ed: “Parents claim they have the right to shape their kids’ school curriculum. They don’t.” Parents should have neither the right nor the authority, according to the Post’s writers, to determine the ideas taught to their children. This task should be left to the “experts”—to the experts of the Education Establishment. The authors go on to claim that “education should prepare young people to think for themselves, even if that runs counter to the wishes of their parents.”


“When it comes to society’s interest in protecting children, the legal precedent is unambiguous: The rights of parents come second.” But the question is, if parents’ rights come second when it comes to protecting or educating their children, then whose rights come first? And the authors’ answer is obvious: society’s rights, the government’s rights, the rights of the public-policy experts trump those of parents.

I need to quit now, because bullshit like this makes one of my fingers twitch really badly.  Let’s call it this one, just for the official record:

(but I could be lying)

And that’s even after having completed my own kids’ homeschooling many years ago.  But despite that, this is a hill I’d be prepared to die on, if called to do so.

Quick reminder to the “experts” and the State-sponsored thugs they use for “enforcement” :  if you want to see a serious piece of social upheaval, start fucking with people’s kids.  Virginia parents’ reaction to the CRT curricula isn’t even an appetizer.

Our kids are ours.  They are not the possession of the State.  But go ahead and poke that nest of rattlesnakes with your short little sticks…

No Double Standard

Apparently, rent boy-lookalike actor Paul Rudd has, at age 52, been declared the “Sexiest Man Alive” by some magazine (details unnecessary).

Predictably, Teh Womyns are going all whiny, saying that no woman age 52 would be considered for the appellation in their gender (because men are pigs and ageism is eeevil etc. etc. etc. oh FFS #KillMeNow).

Really?  I throw this open to my Loyal Readers, and ask them whether at least one of the following women (all of a similar vintage to Rudd) would fail to make their Top 5 Sexiest Women Alive, against the current crop of youngins (and all the pics are recent, no older than two years):

Salma Hayek (55)

Liz Hurley (55)

Nigella Lawson (56)

Caprice Bourret (50)

Nicole Kidman (54)

Monica Bellucci (57)

(I know, I know shuddup) Helena Bonham Carter (55)

And reaching back a few more years:

Michelle Pfeiffer (63)

Sela Ward (65)

Jennifer Tilly (63)

…and let’s not forget

Carole Vorderman (61)

Now I know that a lot of women of this vintage will have had some surgical restoration done — but guess what?  Men do it, too — especially in show business, where most of these “contestants” are drawn from.

Feel free to add your (50+) nominations, in Comments.

News Roundup

Even worse than usual, these news snippets.

gosh, and to think that only 18 months ago the U.S. was totally energy-independent.  What could have happened since then?

And in related news:

given the serious competition from Kamala, AOC, Tlaib, Schumer, etc., it’s more like a necklace of albatrosses.

because he wrote that racist “Declaration” thing, no doubt.  Oh. wait
Daneek Miller (D-Queens) said he wanted the statue gone because it doesn’t represent contemporary values.
and NOW you can start oiling the ropes.

some?  Res ipse loquitur.

yeah, we’ll get right onto that.  And on the same topic:

gosh, why ever would that be?  Oh, wait:

that’s why.

you lost, get over it, STFU and enjoy the fruits of Western civilization.

maybe not in your house, fuckwit, but everywhere else in Real America

and we’re going to do just the same here.  Viva Chile!  Let’s Go Brandon!

it started going downhill when to save money, UK doctors were encouraged to “consult horoscopes” instead of using actual medicine.

once more, with feeling:  Rope.  Tree.  District Attorney.  (Some assembly required.)

and your point?

ummm because he is?

I would have thought you could just use fish oil instead of cologne, but what do I know?



which makes the rather surprising implication that only Black people loot.


it also being a crime for Black people to call each other “dumb-ass nigger”, and London’s Cockneys may not refer to people from Newcastle as “fucking Geordies”.

Here are a sample few of the aforementioned Geordies.

Donna Air

Jill Halfpenny

Shivaani Ghai

Andrea Riseborough

Cheryl Cole

Of course, they don’t all look like that, but I wanted to spare you the projectile vomiting.

No?  Okay, then… say hello to the Geordie Shore girls.