No Double Standard

Apparently, rent boy-lookalike actor Paul Rudd has, at age 52, been declared the “Sexiest Man Alive” by some magazine (details unnecessary).

Predictably, Teh Womyns are going all whiny, saying that no woman age 52 would be considered for the appellation in their gender (because men are pigs and ageism is eeevil etc. etc. etc. oh FFS #KillMeNow).

Really?  I throw this open to my Loyal Readers, and ask them whether at least one of the following women (all of a similar vintage to Rudd) would fail to make their Top 5 Sexiest Women Alive, against the current crop of youngins (and all the pics are recent, no older than two years):

Salma Hayek (55)

Liz Hurley (55)

Nigella Lawson (56)

Caprice Bourret (50)

Nicole Kidman (54)

Monica Bellucci (57)

(I know, I know shuddup) Helena Bonham Carter (55)

And reaching back a few more years:

Michelle Pfeiffer (63)

Sela Ward (65)

Jennifer Tilly (63)

…and let’s not forget

Carole Vorderman (61)

Now I know that a lot of women of this vintage will have had some surgical restoration done — but guess what?  Men do it, too — especially in show business, where most of these “contestants” are drawn from.

Feel free to add your (50+) nominations, in Comments.


  1. Michelle Pfeiffer continues to be a stunningly beautiful woman, with a quiet intellect behind those eyes that is very appealing to a man of approximately her vintage.

  2. A definite on Liz Hurley.
    I would also suggest Barbara Eden, who at the age of 85 (five years ago) was STILL friggin hot!

  3. Yep, in a discussion with my good friend who is my age 76 years old and he and I grew up together we decided that since women under 50 are the age of our daughters those 50 and up are the most interesting and delightful to admire and have lustful thoughts about. The younger ones are just kids.

  4. Jennifer Aniston. (52)

    Think about this: When you were 20 a woman in her 40’s was old!
    As you enter your 60’s (+), a woman in her 40’s suddenly looks quite interesting.

    Essentially, the older you get the broader your criteria become.


    I don’t drink, however, I firmly believe in the saying “Women are like wine, finer with age”.

    Who cares if some “work” has been done to some women 50 and up. Are you going to tell me that women in their teens and twenties NEVER had breast work, crowns on teeth, wrinkle removal etc? That work does NOT make or break a woman.

    Personality wise, older woman are by far better. Not even close. Younger women can’t compete. I understand there are nuts and whackos in all age groups, however, for the most part, older is better.

    I wholeheartedly agree with all of Mr. Kim’s suggestions. I especially like Jennifer Tilly. Something about her in that Chucky movie a while back. And she has curves. Curves are awesome!

    Some others I would add:

    – Rachael Ray
    – Jacqueline Obradors
    – Gail O’Grady
    – Annabella Sciorra
    – Lorraine Bracco
    – Kathrine Narducci
    – Jennifer Aniston
    – Courtney Cox

    Ann Mahoney – RUNNER UP – only 45 at this point – so she will count in 5 years for 50 and up…

  6. Well, they are all sporting a pair of standards at the very least. Here is a toast to all ladies that age with grace and splendor, may everyone be so lucky as to have one for a mate.

  7. If Nigella & Giada cared about their fans, they’d film their shows in the nude. But they don’t. So selfish. So bitter. So hurtful.

  8. Can anyone even name a 22 year old boy actor anyone old enough to vote in the US considers sexy? Women have always valued experience and capability over looks. Captain Piccard, anyone? Cary Grant?
    The naming of the sexiest —- whatever —- is and always has been a marketing decision, and has as much relationship with reality as the idea that the subscribers to Playboy actually voted for the Playmate of the Year and the editors actually counted votes.

  9. A fine toast I heard over 50 years ago seems appropriate:

    ‘Here’s to women over 50,
    They don’t tell,
    Their bellies don’t swell,
    And they’re grateful as hell.’

    Just saying……..

  10. Sela & Liz were inspired choices.

    Kim Cattrall, & Lori Loughlin still brought some heat well into their 50s.

    “In the dark all cats be gray”


    – Marsha Blackburn = 69
    – Sarah Palin = 57
    – Jeanine Pirro = 70
    – Gretchen Whitmer – 50 (yes I know libtard).
    – Kristi Noem – (49 – just one more year!)
    – Kelly Ayotte = 53

    1. Whitmer might be attractive in a fetish sort of way, if you had her dressed up in a Gestapo uniform, carrying a whip.

        1. The equivalent for women of “all hat, no cattle.”
          We still need to avoid the Batshit crazy ones, regardless of age.

  12. Diane Lane – 56
    She came immediately to mind. After a little more thinking ( and age checking):
    Catherine Bell – 53
    Lauren Holly – 58
    Monique Parent – 56 (Best know for doing a lot of “Skinemax” stuff in the ’80’s, but still a looker.

    Never mind Jennifer Tilley’s most obvious attributes, her sexy voice gets me every time!

  13. To quote Captain Augustus McCrae from my favorite Western: “The older the violin, the sweeter the music.”

  14. A nice looking one who lives in our town is Cheryl Ladd ~ 70 ~ and we see her around from time to time. 70 years ago when I was in the first grade grannies did not look like they do now.

  15. No one’s mentioned Sandra Bullock? She’s 57.

    Madhuri Dixit is still absolutely stunning at 54 as well.

  16. Oh and how could I forget the big 3 S. I. Swimsuit models that dominated my teenage imagination back in the 80’s. Paulina Poritzkova, Elle Macpherson, and my personal favorite Kathy Ireland.

    And as for the taxidermy work, try buying a vintage car without having to deal with some rust mitigation

  17. Let’s not neglect Oklahoma’s Ree Drummond. Boots, tight jeans, a padded comfortable figure, and a beautiful smile. And yes, she can cook…really well.

  18. Any of Kim’s choices in ladies would definitely be allowed to eat crackers in my bed. Whoever commented about Diane Lane- spot on, sir. Spot on.

    When I was but a young lad, I’d see a nice looking older woman and think “I bet she was hot when she was younger.”

    Now? I see a nice looking young lady and I wonder if her mom is hot.

  19. Sorry, but it’s Nigella for the Win!
    Just listen to the innuedoes she utters in her cookery programs.

  20. Has anyone mentioned possible future POTUS Nikki Haley? Yes, she’s only 49, but given she’ll be 50 in January, that’s a rounding error.

  21. I’m baffled by the notion that anyone would care about the pronouncements of People magazine, as if it’s somehow important. Really? You’re taking People SERIOUSLY, as if it MATTERS? Magazines are a dying medium. Most of them don’t even have print editions anymore, and those that do don’t seem to exist outside of the checkout line at the grocery store. They’re circling the drain. Let them say whatever they want. Who cares?

  22. Forgot. Megyn Kelly. She’s 51. A blonde bimbo but nice to look at. Brunettes are Better though so another is Gina Gershon who is 59 and brunette.

  23. This thread still alive?
    Kristen Johnston, 54

    The sexiest moment on prime time TV was the moment after her first sneeze on Third Rock From The Sun. Granted, over 20 years ago. Still…

  24. Catherine Zeta-Jones. Supposedly Michael Douglass got throat cancer from giving oral sex to her.

    Totally worth it.

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