Selling Air

I remember my dad’s quizzical look when he first learned that water was being sold in bottles.  “Selling water?  Why don’t they sell air with it?” was the printable part of his response,  (Yeah, I know, apples, trees… whatever.)

I confess to having pretty much the same reaction when Combat Controller pointed me at this latest example of foolishness:

Now I have to confess that I thought that this was a spoof / satirical website, and actually refused to believe my friend’s statement that this was, in fact, a bone fide  “product” and not some gag to be played on the gullible.  Or a piece of Harry Potter merchandise.

However, Doggery’s “craft ice” is being sold in stores, and CC sent me photographic proof thereof.


There are two schools of thought on this kind of thing.  The first is that of people like Combat Controller, who suggests that we as a nation are so prosperous that we can afford to sell stuff like this, and find a market for it.

I, however, see this as some kind of portent, similar to those things and events which may have appeared a couple of years before the Roman Empire collapsed into ruins.

On the other hand, my dad thought the same about bottled water, and here we still are, lo these many years later.

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Because I thought Sunday’s date was October 30, yesterday’s post would have appeared today, except I caught the mistake late last night.

Everybody got that?  (I can go over the middle bit again…)

Sorry about that.  Here’s a pic of a gun to make everyone feel better:

Hey, Winston Churchill used one to kill fuzzy-wuzzies, so how bad can it be?

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Guy gets fired, is pissed off about it, goes home, fetches a gun, goes back to his former place of employment and starts voicing his grievance by shooting people.

This being rural Nebraska, however, there just happens to be a shotgun lying around, so the aggrieved assumes room temperature, but sadly, only after killing two people.

Of course, had he not looked down the naughty end of a shotgun, there’s no telling how many more people he’d have killed because as usual, the police were miles away — but that’s not the way it’ll be reported.

News Roundup

Few links today because not many of them are worth it.

Biden claims to have an alibi.

okay, I may have edited this one slightly.

fuck me, they’re smuggling in Canadians now? 

because they’ve solved all other crimes in the area, you see, and they have nothing better to do.

as the Great Cultural-Mingling Experiment continues.

and instead of firing these little shits, the Millennial bosses are caving.  I don’t know which group to despise more.

in our continuing game of “guess the ethnicity of the shooter”, one Keuntae McElroy, 21.

I’m sorry, I can’t type any more because my huge Schadenboner is getting on the way.



And just to show that Halloween has a little upside:


If all that doesn’t scare you off to work, nothing will.  Although, that said, we’ll always have the classy Charlotte Hawkins and Susannah Reid:


Monday Funnies

Ah yes…

So here we go, trying to get off the horns, and what better way to start than to utter these heartfelt words:


And speaking of drinking, this is an actual headline from a newspaper…

YA THANK ????????