News Roundup

Few links today because not many of them are worth it.

Biden claims to have an alibi.

okay, I may have edited this one slightly.

fuck me, they’re smuggling in Canadians now? 

because they’ve solved all other crimes in the area, you see, and they have nothing better to do.

as the Great Cultural-Mingling Experiment continues.

and instead of firing these little shits, the Millennial bosses are caving.  I don’t know which group to despise more.

in our continuing game of “guess the ethnicity of the shooter”, one Keuntae McElroy, 21.

I’m sorry, I can’t type any more because my huge Schadenboner is getting on the way.



And just to show that Halloween has a little upside:


If all that doesn’t scare you off to work, nothing will.  Although, that said, we’ll always have the classy Charlotte Hawkins and Susannah Reid:



  1. Sieg Heil? Right era, wrong phrase. “Let’s Go Brandon” is this generation’s “Der Fuehrer’s Face.”

    As to the exposer on the NYC bus, I suspect Anthony Wiener. His ex-wife has been in the news complaining of the burden he placed on her many years ago.

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