1. Yep, those ‘modern’ semi-auto rapid fire pistols are too dangerous for the average civilian to own. They have only been around for 125 years.

    1. And note that the magazine that holds those evil bullets that you don’t even need to aim because the wind as they pass kills everyone within ten feet is separate from the “Pistol” grip that one uses to wield this evil weapon of mass destruction. 125 years old.
      To add to the Leftist’s distress, we’re not sure that this was in fact supposed to be a military weapon system. It MAY have been originally designed for civilian use, like the Browning 1903 Hammerless!

  2. First gun I ever lusted after. It was the pistol of choice of Simonson’s MANHUNTER, a back-up tale in several issues of DETECTIVE COMICS.

    Will probably never own one; people as clumsy as I am should not own firearms or power saws.

    1. Get something with a better shape and a simpler manual of arms. The grip portion of the C96 broomhandle Mauser is in fact shaped like a broom, and is harder to control than even the equally sexy P08 Luger or the M1911A1.

      1. If I got a gun (which I probably won’t, for the reason mentioned) it would be because of historical or mechanical interest. Weird of me, but there it is.

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