And The Vultures Gather


Denver Attorney Files Civil Action In Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting

“Whether that’s the type of society we want where white nationalists show up to protest Black Lives Matter movements or movements for racial justice with AR-15s.”
Now the civil lawsuits will proceed.
“It’s going to raise questions if self-appointed militias can roam the streets doling out justice as they see.”

If I didn’t want to go Full Rittenhouse before, I sure as hell am tempted now.


    1. We do, but Kyle Rittenhouse was just acquitted on the criminal charge which requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt. This will be held in civil court on charges like violation of civil rights, loss of a child, loss of matrimonial rights as in no nookie. Civil court only requires a preponderance of evidence of 50% a smidgen. Since all three of the lowlifes whom KR shot were shot in self defense under severe provocation, he should be able to prevail. It will take a long time and cost lots of money for lawyers.

      As an example of this see Simpson, O. J.


    2. Double Jeopardy only applies in Criminal cases. The ambulance chasers in question are suing in civil court.

  1. If there’s any justice, the Doctrine of Clean Hands would get these cases tossed out with prejudice.

  2. The concept of ‘Volenti non fit injuria’ will apply and will likely be dispositive. They each attacked Rittenhouse, a man carrying a gun, with the intention (subjectively AND objectively) of doing harm to him. There was a risk that Rittenhouse would defend himself.
    i) The plaintiff knew the risk was there;
    ii) He, knowing the same, agreed to suffer the risk.
    A bad bet.

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