1. I haven’t pooped in a month, but that incandescent superheated El Paso chili is finally starting to take effect. Stand by for lift off in five…four…three…..

  2. Unable to move out of the lotus position, the yogi prepared to take a crap the only way he could.

  3. Ravi demonstrates the ancient art of how to keep his balls out of the water whilst on the crapper.

  4. Bob “Blue Balls” Johnson, self-proclaimed “Swami of Celibacy” reports namesake condition to have gotten progressively worse.

  5. Only known color photograph of Pablo Picasso during his ‘Blue Period.’

    Fun fact: Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole.

  6. COVID-19 hit Dr. Tobias Fünke especially hard since Blue Man Group canceled all their performances for the last18 months.

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