1. I’m not quite ambidextrous (or just confused), but there are only a few things I do exclusively right or left handed. But in a right-handed world it’s just easier to go along. But I DID rent a set of left-handed golf clubs once and tried them out. I was equally awful as a leftie golfer.

    BTW, I’m right eye dominant, so I always bring the gun sights or camera, etc., to my right eye.

  2. Huh. Back in the day, casual failure at what should be a core competency was very annoying. It’s now flat out infuriating. I’m going to chalk it up to creeping age.

  3. I’m right handed but left eye dominant. I assume golfers that play the “wrong” way also have eye dominance different from their handedness. And they might be better golfers because they take the time to figure things like that out. Which tells us nothing about whether your golf game would improve if you switches sides.

    I play miniature golf the wrong way but that’s just to give the kids a better chance at beating me.

    1. YOUR miniature golf place has left-handed putters?
      Now that’s a level of commitment by the miniature golf place that is just beyond anything I’ve experienced before.

  4. I’m a pretty strong left-hander with left eye dominance. I write, eat, and shoot left-handed, but I bat, play golf, and play ice hockey right-handed.
    My son is a lefty too, but is right eye dominant. He plays all three as a lefty.
    He and I had a long talk a while back and we came to the conclusion that in stick and ball games there is a distinct advantage to getting your dominant eye out front. In baseball you get an earlier, better look at the pitch. In hockey your dominant eye is closer to the net, etc. if you do it, as I would say, backwards, your dominant eye is hiding in the back, perhaps even blocked by your nose.

  5. My Dad was right handed but he shot a rifle left handed. Luckily I’m a lefty and inherited his left landed bolt Savage 110.

    1. I have one of them myself, a Savage 110 DL in 7 mm Remington Mag. It has always been more accurate than I can shoot it.

  6. My left arm is little more than an appendage

    But, regrettably, I’m left eye dominant

    I shoot a handgun just fine

    But I want to learn how to shoot long guns left-handed

    At age 64, I’m just enjoying shooting handguns as long as I can

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