1. I find you in contempt of testosterone: failure to include a pic or two of Tina in her prime.

  2. Without Ike, there wouldn’t have been a Tina.

    Anna Mae Bullock’s talent would have withered on the vine.

    For years I listened to a St. Louis DJ named “Gabriel” on KDHX radio. He had a long personal history with the Turners, and never had a good thing to say about her.

    Ike was no angel; I suspect Tina’s stories of abuse were only slightly exaggerated. But because of that, Ike’s genius and talent don’t get the respect he deserves. There are those who believe he invented rock and roll piano on the recording of “Rocket 88” incorrectly attributed to Jackie Brenston, but was written by Ike and performed by Ike’s band.

    I dispute that, and say another St. Louis pianist, Johnnie Johnson, deserves the credit. Chuck Berry’s “Johnnie B. Goode” was based on a Johnnie Johnson song.

  3. Two things that I have never understood the appeal of … Tina Turner and that song. Even when it was done by my homeboy, Bob Seger, it never made any sense to me.

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