News Roundup

Lotta stupid stuff to report today, same ol’ same ol’.

probably just out of curiosity;  because they sure as hell aren’t going to DO anything about it, the feckless twerps.

that “math” thing being entirely a product of White men, of course, and therefore raycisss to the core.

watch them all disappear, to reappear later taped to doorways, hanging from trees and used in place of face masks.

or what we in Normal America would call a prima facie cause for necessary self-defense.

as one wonders when or what kind of citizen response will follow — if any.

NO.  That being the answer to the question, “Can Vice-President Token get any more stupid?”

yeah, that’s going to work so well with China and India, to name but two.  Pure fantasy, like all the rest of this climate bullshitAnd then there’s this:

… LOL.  And the coup de grace:

take that, round-eyed bastards.

but the Swedes are only useful as a model for sky-high taxes, cradle-to-grave welfare systems and other Lefty tropes.  On this topic, however, they’re to be ignored as “outliers”.

From the Dept. of Total Suckage:

Graeme Edge was dubbed “Mr. Metronome” by other drummers.  R.I.P.

lessee:  guy wears a dress to a trade show, then gets all butt-hurt when he’s called “a man in a dress”?  FFS, he doesn’t even look like a chick, except maybe in certain bars in Greenwich Village.

And now for the ever-irrelevant INSIGNIFICA:


that would be THIS Christine McGuinness: 



…even though we’ve already seen just about every part of her exposed, we can still end on a cheery note.


  1. EVERYTHING is racist. Worst veep of my lifetime, & I’m old enough to remember Dan Quayle. Dunno how I’ve never heard of Christine McGuinness, mucho arigato for bringing her to my attention.

  2. Gray Edge. Not a friend, really, but an acquaintance of over thirty years. He’ll be missed. I still love the cymbal fills on Tuesday Afternoon.

  3. “Thousands of Australians With Unpaid Fines for Breaking Covid Rules Have Bank Accounts Raided and Property Seized As Tyrannical Government Chases Millions in Fees”

    Do you want a Timothy McVeigh? Because that’s how you get a Timothy McVeigh.

    ““Can Vice-President Token get any more stupid?” NO.”

    I’m pretty sure your challenge will be accepted.

    1. We’re about to find out whether Oz-land is a nation of freedom lovers, or just another POS Euro-trash state.

  4. The “non-binary CEO” needs to learn to shave. A person with even as scruffy a beard as his is either a man or a circus freak.

  5. Kneepads was probably complaining that trees are scarce in dense urban areas – but she’s not only too stupid to realize that it’s nothing to do with race – trees don’t grow well in concrete, and if they do manage to grow they destroy the pavement and building foundations – but even too stupid to phrase her complaint without reversing the sense.

    Did Biden realize he would need THIS MUCH impeachment protection?

  6. Finally, “that math thing” wasn’t entirely a product of white men – Ancient Greeks (who were mostly “white”) developed the basics of geometry, but then East Indians developed a much better system for writing numbers (the positional system we use), and the basics of algebra. But since the Arabs passed the Indians’ ideas on to the west (apparently without any improvements of their own) in the 1100’s, almost everything else was developed by white men.

    1. The East Indians in question were essentially brown white men.

      They developed the math in Northern India between after 1500 BC, which was after the Indo-Aryan invasion of Northern India starting about 2000 BC.

      The Indo-Aryans were the usual suspects: Clever, hard working, war-like with light skin, hair and eyes.

      Which is why high caste Indians still tend to light skin, hair and eyes. As do high caste Greeks, Spaniards, Portuguese, Italians and even some North Africans like the Berbers.

  7. The news on Graeme Edge is sad. I saw the Moodys live three times which is almost half the live shows I’ve ever been to. Realizing that was about 30 years ago makes me really start feeling old.

  8. Non-binary CEO: “It’s not f****** okay to comment on how another person dresses…”

    He’s never gonna pass for a woman if he believes that!

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