From some politician I’ve never heard of:

The chairman of the Republican Study Committee (RSC) released a memo on Election Day evening that asserts the results clearly show Republicans “must become the party of parents.”

Ummm excuse me, Captain Obvious, but conservative Republicans have always been the party of parents — or, to be more specific, of the family.  Conservatives espouse the family as the basic building block of societal strength and cohesion.

It’s the godless Left who strive always to break up the family, who think that children belong to the State, who are trying to set children against their parents and who are constantly railing against those longstanding institutions (like the family) because unfairness or racism or whatever fucking tarbrush they use to paint them — and us — as evil.

So when some mainstream Republican asshole [redundancy alert]  suddenly realizes that “OMG we now have a weapon to beat the Democrats!”, it just reinforces to the rest of us how out of touch and useless they are.

Wake up, you idiots.


  1. Republicans need to:
    1. Start explaining *why* their position is a good one.
    2. Start fixing the shit that the Democrats pass.
    3. Focus on fixing the vote counting mess.

    Otherwise, why bother.

  2. It might be easier for team Elephant to win, if most of them weren’t just closeted statists themselves.

  3. VA’s result was just as much a shock to the R’s as to the D’s, because now they’ve discovered there’s a new player in town, and those Mom’s are as disgusted with them as much as they’re disgusted with The Left.

  4. If “Republicans” had working brain cells, they’d work on disenfranchising non-married, non-hetero parents. Who GAF what those who haven’t invested in the future by populating it care about policies?

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