1. It always irritates me when Americans make any inroads into soccer, mandating ESPN highlights & having to pretend it’s a legitimate sport. Speaking of favorite jokes:

    The Lone Ranger is captured by Indians. The tribe advises he’ll be executed in 3 days. However, as he is an honorable enemy the Chief will grant him 3 requests, 1 per day.

    For his 1st request the Ranger asks to speak to his horse. He whispers into Silver’s ear and the animal races away. He returns that evening with a beautiful blonde in the saddle. She dismounts and spends the night in the Ranger’s tent.

    On day 2 the Ranger quietly consults with Silver once again. As before, Silver disappears over the horizon & returns later with a gorgeous brunette, even more stunning than the blonde. She too joins the Ranger in his tent.

    On day 3 the Ranger asks for Silver one last time. He grabs Silver by the ears and shouts “For the last time – bring POSSE!!”

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