News Roundup

News fresh off the wine  presses:

I’d prefer that instead of jail they should be locked inside a burning police car, but no doubt someone’s going to have a problem with this suggestion.

doesn’t matter how far it reaches;  nobody’s going to be prosecuted, much less jailed or executed for their fucking treason.

I guess it’s not all bad news today.  Oh, wait:

don’t tell us, tell it to the fucking Chinese.

because of the fucking Chinese.

yeah, but unless “live ammo” is part of the order, it’s fucking useless.

nothing like taxing income before you’ve earned it.

Enough of that depressing shit.  Let’s look at the important news:

as a preliminary guess, my diagnosis would be “fucking psycho” [pun intended]

wonder no more, fuckwit.


the last winning the “No Shit, Sherlock Award” for 2021.

And finally:

you had me at “Christina Hendricks”:


  1. Thanks for the Christina pics. Lovely gal. Something to get the shitshow above it off my mind

  2. | but no doubt someone’s going to have a problem with this suggestion.

    Police cars are expensive. Can we slap some black and white paint on an old trebant and call it good?

  3. I was going to post something but the pictures of Christina Hendricks erased my thoughts and replaced the with…. never mind

    WIlliam o B’Livion reminded me, yes that would be a waste of a police car. Just paint up a jalopy in classic black and white and call it good.

    Let’s see some charges brought from Durham’s investigations.

    you’re right about the NG on the border. Get Alec Baldwin to teach them about trigger control after the ammunition is delivered and issued.

    Let’s go Brandon and Yellen.


  4. Would she prefer being described as Rubenesque?
    Whatever. She was definitely the eye candy on Mad Men.

    1. I think the new adjective should be Hendricksesque now.
      If anyone today even knows the reference. They might think it has something to do with a sandwich.

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