Job Opportunity

Email from Longtime Friend Gibby:

“Idiots are working as ‘armorers’ on film set… You should be doing this work and not idiots (don’t care who her dad was!). Reach out — I’m am sure you could get this sort of piece work (forgive the horrible pun…) if you put your resume out?”

No doubt I could.  Except that it would probably require that I:

  1. live in California and
  2. work in Hollywood, which in turn would mean
  3. being exposed to show business people, and
  4. paying taxes to the State of California.

Nope. They’d have to pay me more than they pay Alec Baldwin — and I still wouldn’t do that.

Let ’em all kill each other.


  1. Did it ever occur to anyone with half a brain that giving Alec Baldwin even a rubber band gun was a bad idea?

  2. Having had the honor of meeting Kim in person, I personally think he would be better in FRONT of the camera. Granted, it would have to be an action/comedy film, but imagine the possibilities…! Alternatively, a historical or historical documentary would be great. I would watch any of the above.

    Except for the mentioned reasons to stay out of California.

    Side note: don’t do any work in any form for any company located in California. Because CA will just figure out a way to tax you. See:

    1. This is true. California’s tax law taxes all your income from where ever you earned it, and it’s up to you to make sure you get a tax credit for taxes paid to other states.
      Thieves, murderers, “white” slavers, embezzlers, rustlers, con men, and cut-throats.
      And that’s just the good points of our public “servants” in Sacramento.

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