1. Recently Wife & I were at the local Barf N Bubbles ( aka Dog N Suds) when the inane drivel which is the subject of this post began playing on the sound system. I commented at the time that it is the stupidest song ever recorded: change my mind.

    1. IMHO, Richard Harris’s “MacArthur Park” beats all other contenders for stupidest song, by pretending that a mess of platitudes and mixed metaphors is a serious song.

  2. Hey, it’s a great song. Number 30 1965. What was number one? Wooly Bully, Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. You tell me, which one is stupider.

    1. I would exclude songs that were deliberate jokes from consideration for the stupidest song. For example, the 1950’s hit “How much is that doggie in the window?” But I’m not sure that “Woolly Bully” was written as a joke…

      Also, if there were remainder shelves at a music store, I expect you’d find many even stupider songs. They were published but didn’t sell; you wouldn’t know them and wouldn’t want to listen to them to figure out which one is stupidest. So I’d limit this contest to commercially successful songs that were intended to be serious.

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