1. I’d never heard of Lizzo til this post & went youtubing to hear one of her “songs.” I lasted 20 seconds.

    Goddamn you to hell, Kim duToit.

  2. The “song” seemed to be a celebration of her ability to get laid. Which has me wondering: while there are dudes who claim to welcome more cushion for the pushin’, most are revolted. Do broads like that have studly male groupies who’d be willing to service her despite the revulsion? Most of me says no. The rest speculates that her audience is so degenerate that anything’s possible.

  3. She’s not really naked if the guitar is hiding her naked parts.

    But, who cares? Porn is so ubiquitous now that being naked is at best boring.

  4. Agent: “Kaycey baby, you’re starting to get irrelevant. You need to leak a sex tape or something”

    Personally, musicians should be heard and not seen. Except Shakira, which is the opposite.

  5. How many Naugas gave up their hides for Lizzo’s hideous costume?


    PS edited to add, never heard of any of the performers before this post.

  6. Actually, I had already heard of Lizzo and knew what she looked like and clicked the link anyway. I threw up in my mouth a little. Serves me right.

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