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Today’s Roundup is as long as John Holmes, so let’s get stuck in like he did.

…so in other words, just like it was before we invaded the place twenty years, thousands of American lives and a trillion dollars ago.  How nice.  And in related news:

yeah, when we get round to compensating the families of American people mistakenly killed by our own cops raiding the wrong address, then we can talk.  So sorry to sound heartless, but fuck you.

In Election News:

oh what the hell, why should we be the only North Americans to suffer from a shit government?

who do they think they are?  Michigan Democrats?

“return”?  What’s Angela Merkel, bread pudding?

under what definition of “cowardice” does “one man attacks three cops” fall?

why would the Magyars be listening to Romney?  Nobody in the U.S. does.

and the results soon follow:

nice one, Gammy.

we all agree, except that you live in Britishland so you’re wasting your time.

in the spirit of Anglo-American friendship, we should send FBI-has-been James Comey Over There to help out.  He’s marginally better than a stuffed donkey, although some opinions differ.

fuck off, Boris.  The Green bullshit is only to divert attention from all your other cock-ups, and you’re not fooling anyone.  And by the way, trouble is looming:

and wind power isn’t going to save you, you Etonian shit-for-brains. [redundancy alert]

well, I guess that technically speaking, 2% is less than half.

this is a “dog bites man” report.

Time for some INSIGNIFICA:

she tricked you, not him, Toots.

in a follow-up report, the doctor was found beaten to death by a caffeine-deprived lunatic.  And I have an alibi.

is this a great country, or what?

Now pick two of the following that you’d invite to an airborne threesome:








Remember:  only two.


  1. A & F ……. and didn’t E just announce she plays for the other team. Some of the others look like they’ve never seen an airplane.

  2. I would be good with extraditing Milley for a war crimes trial in Afghanistan. It’s not like he will face any consequences here.

    1. Unlike so many websites that do this kind of thing stupidly and opaquely, our helpful host has preserved the names in the links, such as anita_ekberg110-1024×707.jpg. Just right-click and open the image in a new tab or new window to see it. (Some browsers may show it to you on hover, maybe.)
      Interesting to see HBC in this list with ladies far senior.
      Oh, and the only two I would want are F. Claudia Cardinale.

  3. Don’t get me started on Cressida Dick. She should have resigned over the death of Menezes; she didn’t so she should have been fired.

  4. Elvira affects me on a fundamental level.

    Maybe someday I’ll tell the story of a Halloween party I went to once…..

    Mark D

  5. Only 2. Sigh.

    Although, to be fair, you’d have to break the rule of “don’t stick it in crazy” on a couple of them.

    What surprised me was how much Joan Bennett looks like Hedy Lamar in that picture. She’s in my favorite Christmas movie, “We’re No Angels” (the Humphrey Bogart, Peter Ustinov, Aldo Ray, Basil Rathbone, Leo G. Carroll version, not the crappy “remake” that came later.)

  6. No surprise about Afghanistan. I’m surprised there isn’t a Saddam like replacement in Iraq already.

    After WW2 we stayed in Germany, Italy and Japan for 75 years. we’re still there. We should have stayed in Iraq and Afghanistan and used the CIA to shape the education system in those countries so that the younger generations would be shaped to admire a free republic instead of a 12th century theocracy.

    That that idiot really get fooled by her boyfriend’s ex girlfriend or is she just looking for media attention for her modeling career?


  7. You’ve no doubt heard the joke that went around last month:

    If you ever feel useless, just remember that it took 20 years, trillions of dollars, and four U. S. presidents to replace the Taliban with the Taliban.

  8. C. And whichever of the rest is available; it doesn’t matter. I won’t notice. I’m only interested in Catwoman.

  9. C and, God help me, G.

    I have a plan to deal with the crazy. If anyone asks, my name is Bill. Bill, got it??


    PS: And if a last name is necessary, it’s Clinton.

  10. Well, La Lollo, for one, and either Anita Ekberg or Julie Newmar for the other.
    What happened to HBC? Usually she looks like a bag lady from the Venice boardwalk.

    Re: Rand Paul and Jill Biden. Presumably if they string all the titles together in the German manner, she should be First Lady Dr. Teacher Jill Biden, and Rand Paul should be Senator Doctor Rand Paul.
    Like the NY Times would ever be accurate about Senator Doctor Paul.

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